Thursday, August 8, 2013


So this email may be short today because the internet in this place is ridiculously slow!!!!!! But it sounds like everything is going good with you guys!!! So happy birthday to Zac and Steven coming up soon!!! That’s exciting!!!
So you all asked if I got to see Lake Titicaca when I went to Puno. And yes I did see it from a distance you can see it as you drive into Puno. And the nephew of Lori Bailey his sector is actually part of the floating islands on the lake so that’s cool!!!!
So we were walking the other day and a guy drove by on a motorcycle yelling at us and as he passed he gave me a nice good kick! So that’s always nice to be a gringo in a foreign country!!!! 
Also something horrible happened this week!!! We were eating dinner and guess what the pension lady walks out and asked  if we liked it and while we were eating told us it was cow stomach!! Ahhhhh!!! It tasted horrible! Nobody should be allowed to eat it, but I was the only one who finished it because I didn’t want to offend  the lady! 
So thanks for sending the package!!! I do not need my easy  hymn book because I bought one in Spanish that I am using and that helps a ton!! If you send another package send ties, I am running short because I gave some away in Puerto. So the conference with presidente was awesome!!! I love it, it was 6 hours but who cares!!! Haha, so we learned a lot of stuff.
Things are going good with the comp we are working way hard, every time I am being lazy or what he thinks is lazy he yells at me to hurry up, that energy will were off of him soon I know I can already see it ! Haha. 
But it’s good it keeps me going good!! 
So that is awesome dad that you ate a Peruvian restaurant the next time get aji de gallina if they have it, it’s amazing!!! Or eat cuy because it is probably the best thing you will ever eat! And shame on those people that do not like Inca cola how dare you say something bad about my country!! It is the best soda in the entire world and everyone should drink it!!!  I ABSOLUTELY LOVE IT!!!!!  And dad our crossing streets are San Martin and Pierola. If that helps.
So this week was good we are teaching a bunch of people well I am,  my comp doesn’t talk much still but he is learning!!!! 
We are teaching somebody named Katia and yesterday she asked if she could pay tithing even though she’s not a member. And we explained she didn’t need to but she wanted too, and so she paid her tithing for the first time!
Also our bishop is calling 16 ward missionaries to go and work with us to help out with investigators, this ward is awesome!!!! Today we’re going to have a massive family home evening with the ward so I will let you know how that works out!!! Well the computer is going to kick me out!!
I love you all so much and I hope the best for you!!
Love Elder “Goasoing” the Peruvian!!!!!!!
Elder Goaslind

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