Monday, February 24, 2014


Email from 12-23-2013 
Hey everybody,
So this email isn’t going to be very long today, so sorry about that, but the family will get to talk on Wednesday, so to start off with that. So I will be skyping at 4pm. so that would be 3 or 2 your time, I don’t know how far back you guys are from my time. So you can all plan on that, and I really look forward to talking with you. 
So this past week was really good, like I said last week we had our Christmas dinner and program with Pres. Harbertson on Wednesday and it was really good. We had pizza and homemade chocolate cake from Sister Harbertson. 
And after words we had a gift game where everyone brought a gift, and as president read the night before Christmas there were key words to pass the gift to the right or to the left, and we all ended up with something, I got some type of indestructible credit card holder. And then after came the spiritual part, we all passed into the chapel. And we had a program filled with the zone leader’s testimonies, and a lot of music, and we ended with the video The Living Christ. Which was really good!!!!? I loved it!!! And Pres. and Sis. Harbertson gave us each a Book of Mormon to read and mark every time it mentions Christ or when he speaks, and I started the challenge a couple days ago, and it is amazing I love it!!! Also like you will see in my pictures, it was the first time that the 4 elders from Olympus High School have all been together!!! It was great to see each other, and it was weird thinking that all four of us are in the same mission!!!
So after that we had a pretty normal week, but some exciting news, we put another baptismal date for January. So that should be good. And also Brenda passed her baptismal interview, so she will be baptized the 28th on Saturday. And she is so excited!!!
On Saturday night we had a talent show for our ward, and it went really good, we had a ton of people come up with some really creative talents and we also had Santa Claus there!!! The little kids were dying!!!! We also served hot chocolate and pantone afterwards for everyone, and everyone was happy and the Christmas spirit was so strong!!!
But not much else happened this week because of all the activities we had, so we didn’t get a whole lot of successful work in that’s why there isn’t much info this week. 
but just so you know that changes are next week, so we will see what will happen because I am finishing my 4th change here in this sector so who knows maybe I will stay one change more or maybe I will move on we will have to wait and see. 
well I love you all so much, and I am so happy that I get to talk to you on Wednesday, I will tell you more about traditions and all that when we Skype. But just know that I know Jesus is the Christ that he lives, and through him and his atonement we can all return to the presence of our heavenly father again. 
Con Mucho Amor
Ps. I haven’t got the siblings package yet. 


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