Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Last Week in CCM

Hey! it sounds like you had a great Christmas season!!!  So this is going to be a very short email, because this actually isn't my pday, our pday got moved to Thursday this week because today the temple is closed. So I will send an actual email on Thursday with more in it. I am so happy that you had a fantastic Christmas and New Years. I am happy to hear that everyone is doing well, tell dede sorry for me, that doesn't sound fun at all. I will be sure to pray for her.
One thing, I agree with Elder Brey, more ties would always be nice! a lot of the Latinos don't have any so it would be nice to have enough just to give them away in the field. Umm, possibly another pair of gym shorts when I get in the field because the 1 pair isn't cutting it. Thank you for the Christmas package, it was very surprising to get something without having to go pick it up at customs and pay 100 soles for it. So we found out that Peru is one of the countries where missionaries gain the most weight, our teacher gained 46 libras (pounds) on her mission down by Cuzco. I have gained about 6 libras since being in Peru which is good.
Thank you for the missionary news letter I got that yesterday. I love hearing about everybody.
How is Ashley doing with the baby?
So guess what!!! we have had 3 earthquakes this weekend! we had one Friday night during class, and it was my first earthquake ever!! It was so awesome I hope I get to experience a lot of them. Then that night while sleeping, and Sunday night while sleeping there were 2 more apparently, but I didn't feel those, I slept through them.
Well I need to go now, because I will get to email you more on Thursday, so I hope you have a fantastic 2 days!!! feel free to write me again before Thursday!!! I love you all!! can't wait to hear from you!!! I can't believe that a week from today I will actually be in the field, and a week from yesterday will be the 2 month mark!! ahhhhhh!!!!
I Love You!
Love Elder Goaslind!!
I forgot to tell you, Elder Brey gave me a haircut! he is like the MTC barber basically haha!! That was random but I thought it was worth sharing! bye!!

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