Friday, January 4, 2013



It is so weird to be so close to the field!!! I am more excited and more scared then you could possibly imagine!! But I know the Lord is going to help me be safe as I fully enter into his work.

So we went to the temple today, and it was such another amazing experience! I am able to understand the entire endowment session in Spanish without a translator headset, so that shows you how well the language is coming. I am sad that I don't get to go to the temple for 22 months now, but I will be doing the lords work in a different way.  I have had some pretty spiritually learning experiences this week. And I have really started understanding what missionary work is all about, and the importance of knowing the gospel and truly being converted to the things that you know.

I am so glad to hear the Ashley and Adam are doing well. And I hope that everybody else in the family is doing well also. Mom get some rest and you will recover, but just remember it’s probably just a gas bubble! Haha CHISTE!!! I am sorry to hear about Dede´s accident, I have been praying for her and hope that she can recover quickly!! How is the family fitness program coming along? I expect all of you to be superstars when I get home! Haha

I have truly found a love for Preach my Gospel. It truly is inspired, and there isn't enough room on the pages to write everything I want about what I read!!!
Keep studying it, but make sure that you apply it to your life, and more importantly apply it in helping other people.

I hope that with my friends coming over every week you don't feel too sad about me being gone. They are great friends. I love them!

There haven't been any more earth quakes, but I hope there are! Sorry no pictures today. I didn’t take any this week, but there wasn't anything that excited going on.

I have to say that I am going to have a pretty sick watch tan line when I get home, it is already pretty good!!

If you could send me some stories about conversion to the church from our family I would love to read them.

Also Elder Brey said that the package lady can get them to Cusco so that should be nice. And let me just say, that he is the pickiest kid when it comes to food, I swear he hardly eats anything!! But I am not the same way, because I have gained almost 7 pounds since being here!

So tomorrow we have in field training for 10 hours!!!! That should be a party! But that should be good! I get to go proselyting this Saturday so that is something to look forward to!!!!
My companion and I bought Quechua Books of Mormon at the distribution center and they are insane! The word Book of Mormon is...MORMONPA QELQANMANTA AQLLASKA T´AQAKUNA... I don't know how I am ever going to learn that language! But oh well! 

I hope that everybody is doing well! And I miss you all so much! I hope that Tyler and Mercedes are keeping track of how long I have been out on their nifty little chart! On Monday it will have already been 2 months!!!! it is so crazy!! I can't believe how fast the time is flying by!!! I will only have 22 fast Sundays left on my mission :(

Well yo sé que esta iglesia es verdadera. sé que josé Smith fue un profeta llamó de Dios. estoy agradecido for este oportunidad servir un mission en Peru. y, yo espero que muchas personas puedan venir a cristo por medio el espíritu, and orando a dios for respuestas por sus preguntas. yo amo mí mission, y yo quiero ayudar la gente en Peru cambiar sus vidas.  (Have Tyler translate!)

I love you all so much have a great week and no one else get sick or hurt!! Remember Christ always in your lives!!!

Con Mucho Amor!!

Elder Goaslind

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