Monday, January 14, 2013

Primer Semana (First Week)

Hola Como Estàn!!

Well the first week in the mission was insane!!! I can't believe that I am actually in the mission field!! First, my address is:

Elder Alex Charles Goaslind
Misiòn Perù Cusco
Jiròn Ricardo Palma
Manzana ¨"A" Lote #2
Edificio Ricardo Palma 4to Piso
Urbanizaciòn Santa Mònica
Cusco, Perù

That’s the mission home!!

So my mission is in the Zona Cusco, and sector Los Alamos, which my companion and I share with a companionship of sister missionaries, my companions name is Elder Castellanos, from Mexico and he has been on his mission for a year now and I am his first hijo (child, or in other words greenie) we are the only 2 missionaries in our apartment, and we live with this little old lady member Hermana Francisca!! she cooks 3 square meals a day for us and the food is fantastic, and we also have another lady in the ward who will do all of our laundry for us!!! The food here is amazing!! Don´t be surprised if I come home a little fat because we are fed every time we stop by someone’s house!!! The weather is chilly here so I am very grateful for the fleece jacket mom; I use it like every day. I am only allowed to send 1 email according to the mission president, and we only get 30 minutes. But as for the real mail, send everything to the address I gave you above. Packages, letters, all of it. And then I will pick it up from the mission home on my pdays. I am not gonna lie, I felt very homesick my first 2 days here, but I read the letters that mom and dad wrote me before I entered the MTC, and they helped me change my perspective of why I was here. I have no idea what else to say, there is so much that happened!! I am sorry you will not get a picture of my companion and me because I forgot to take one, but next week I promise!! so when I arrived in Cusco I walked out of the airport and the Mission President was there, with some other misioneros, and Sam Neff was one of them!! Also, I saw Stephen Doxy!! There is a picture of the 3 of us.

So I don´t have like anytime left, so this is going to be fast!!!

So we have a baptism this week!! We inherited a family of 3 from the old elders because my compi y yo are both new to this area, but there are 3 of them and we are baptizing them on Saturday!! Also we have a date set for Hermana Vargas for the 26, but first she needs to be married, so hopefully she decides to do that!! Other than that our other investigators are new.

The Spanish is interesting! I am understanding more when people talk, but it is still very difficult! As for the speaking, about all I can do is bear my testimony. but last night we were teaching la familia Suncco who are getting baptized this week and I was bearing my testimony, and I burst out in tears because I just felt the spirit so strong, and then the mom started crying, and it was a very spiritual moment in my first week of the mission.

Well I am glad that I am not in Utah with that snow, so have fun with that!!! And I hope that everyone is doing well, that’s an awesome scorpion experience! But I need a pic of Ashley to see how she is doing!!

But I have no more time and mi compi need to email still. But it was so good to read your emails. Tell mis amigos that I am working on hand written letters for them, but who knows when they will get sent. Also tell Justin congrats on going through the temple! That’s awesome, him and Paula are going to love their missions as long as they remember why they are there and forget themselves and go to work as dad always says.

Well I love you so much, and I can´t wait to tell you about everything that happens this week! Have a fantastic week, and keep relying on the Lord!!!!

 Love Elder Goaslind!!!

Ps. no one here can say my name, this is what they say... elder goooalsaiosnfhs.....

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