Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Second Week!


Sounds like things for the most part are going good. I am so sorry to hear about grandma’s fall that is not fun at all!!!! Also, tell Adam that I am sorry about his heel, does he need more surgery again, or is it something that will heal itself?

Tell everybody Happy Birthday for me, sorry that I didn't have a chance to tell them Happy Birthday before!!

So to try and answer some questions, we go to Internet places in order to email, so we have to pay like 1 sol, which is like 50 cents in the U.S. we all go as a zone after our zone meetings on Mondays.

So my baptism count is 3!! It was the coolest experience ever! I am going to send some pictures of it. I had the chance to baptize the daughter, Bony. She is so awesome and so is the whole family!!! We have another baptism on the 2nd of Febrero.  And we are working with someone else on a date, but she wants her mom to be there for it, so we are trying to figure out how to make that work out.

Things are going alright with my companion; he is a little lazy though which is really hard, because I want to work and all he does is sleep, he didn't get up until 7:30 this morning! But hopefully I can lead by example and he will catch on, and it doesn’t help that he has been sick for like a week.

So some things that have happened this week, the baptism which was amazing! On Saturday we have an activity with our zone, and the Stake Cusco. We played futbol from 8 in the morning until 1 in the afternoon. And it was pouring for like the whole time except for the last hour, and then that hour we all got fried. I am sending a picture of my sunburn on my neck, it is quite hilarious, but it doesn’t hurt as bad anymore which is good.

I also had the opportunity to go on exchanges with another elder, Elder Quito, it was awesome, we talked with a lot of people, and it was interesting not being with my companion, that night we were going to catch the bus and a drunk guy came up to us and started asking for our cards, so we gave him a pass along card haha, and then Elder Quito turned and said, he is drunk! And the guy turned and said in English, yes...I am drunk!! And he kept saying all these things in English; it was so funny because we were trying to make it so he couldn't understand!

Oh, I got your Dear Elders on Friday! So I don't know how long that took for them to get here, but I am telling you so that you can judge the time. But I have no received your package yet, like you said it is probably in the office waiting for me, but I haven’t got it yet. Umm...if you are sending another package, you should send some pop tarts!!! I need some American junk food. Ummm, but I am not sure what else I would need, I guess anything that you can think of that I might need. Hopefully I don't remember something after I send the email. Maybe some of your cookies hehe.

Ummm, I am trying to think of what else to say. I am not really sure. I want to have time to send pictures. Today we are going to the Plaza de Armas which we went last week also, and it is so awesome!!! I love it! I am sending home letters today. And I need you to distribute them to everybody because I am putting them all in one envelope!! Oh, about the language. There are 4 North Americans in my zone so I talk to them often in English, plus my comp knows a little bit of English but not much. But there are other people who know a little English who help me out when I need it, I am getting better at the language day by day, but I know that it is going to take some time before I can actually speak it.

Quick story, last night we were contacting and we knocked on a door and the lady let us in and we shared a short message about prayer, and asked her to read a pamphlet about the restauracion, and pray about it, then we had her pray with us before we left, and she burst out into tears during the prayer, and the spirit was so strong!!! It was amazing!
Well I need to send pictures now, but send what you think I might need in the package; hopefully there isn't anything I really need. If so I will have to wait til the next time!

I love all of you so very much!! And I love hearing from you!!

Everybody write me soon!!

Love Elder Goaslind!!!

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