Monday, February 11, 2013


This first part is for Brother Hammond please forward it to him:

Thank you for the letter, it meant a lot!! Some advice that I have for the priest quorum, is to study Preach My Gospel and the Book of Mormon! That is something that I wish I would have done a lot more before my mission! You use the Book of Mormon and Preach My Gospel every day in your mission, and it is so important to know the material! And when you know the things you need to teach the spirit will bring it to your remembrance! I love my mission so much, and yes at times it is difficult and discouraging, but it is the greatest thing ever! Work hard in total aspects of your life, and pay attention and participate in church activities! You guys are awesome!!!
Love Elder Goaslind!

So this is going to be kind of short because I was watching part of that video about the missionaries in our school, and I only made it to where I got my call, but that is so awesome how big the video is!!!

So I was thinking this past week about Paula and Justin and their missions coming so soon! First of all I need their emails for their missions so that I can forward my emails to them!

But some advice that I have right now before you go, attend the temple as much as you possibly can! The temple is such an amazing place and when we go there we can feel the spirit so strong, and it is so important to be worthy of the temple! Study study study Preach My Gospel and the Book of Mormon!

And I don´t want to leave out the other friends! Work hard in all that you are doing! Even if you are not planning on serving missions right now you can still live the gospel and be an example to others through the gospel! I love all of my friends so much! And I am so grateful for your example in my life! Gracias!

So I received the first package last Monday right after I finished emailing, and I got letters and Dear Elders! You all asked so many questions and I wish I could answer them all but there are way too many!!! So some info about Peru, depending on the areas depends on how nice the houses are, some have dirt floors with one room, and others have 3 stories with tiled floors but it depends on the area. Tanner, yes I do have a bed, and yes I do have a bathroom haha, thank you for your concern! So this past week the lady who does our laundry was out of town so we have to do our own laundry by hand, and that was quite a learning experience! But it was quite funny!

Also I was thinking about how you said Mallory doesn´t like to contact, nobody does, it is the most ineffective way to do missionary work, and so we try to avoid that at all times, if we absolutely don´t have anything to do then we will contact, but honestly it is the worst!

So I have a surprise, we found out today that tomorrow we are getting 6 new missionaries that are going to work in our zone this week with us until the cambio (change) next week! So chances are I might be in a trio for this week but I don’t know. I can´t believe that I only have 1 more week left in this cambio (change)! It’s insane how fast the time goes!

Also next week in the change we are getting 12 new elders. And that change is only 3 weeks long for some reason! But the one after that we are going to get more sisters then elders! How insane is that! It’s awesome how the lord’s work is hastening!

So on Saturday my comp and I had a little bit of a fall out, because we did our normal proselyting with the entire zone, and the numbers weren´t that good, we only had like 4 nuevo’s (new) and we were in our zone so he was mad, but he took it all out on me.  Let’s just say it was very interesting! But I think now we are good, I was very angry with him that day, but I read the list of blessings from my setting apart, and it said not to let things make you upset, and that helped to calm me down! Also I really learned how to rely in the lord that day, I don´t think I have ever prayed so hard in my life!

But not much has happened this week, I through a giant rock at a dog because he was chasing us trying to bite us, but that’s about it.

Oh! We have a set baptism for this Saturday on the 16th I am excited for that, so I hope that nothing bad happens! And we are going to try and set some more dates for baptism this week! Wish us luck!

So I am out of time!
But everybody thank you for your support!

Mom and dad thank you for all of your advice, and your help in my life! I love you all so much! I hope that everybody is good back at home, keep me updated on everything going on!

Sorry no pictures today and sorry that the letter is short, and scrambled, but the lideres de zona are really cracking down on time of emails because some missionaries take one hour to email! Well nothing more!

Con Mucho Amor

Elder Goaslind!!!

PS: That is awesome what the Greenacres said about the video! Love you! Stay strong and rely in the lord!


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