Monday, March 25, 2013


So I am so happy to hear that Paula’s farewell went well! That is so good! I wish I could have heard it, but it’s a little difficult to do that while living in a foreign country! Ha-ha I can´t believe that she leaves on Wednesday, and then Justin in May!!! Oh my heck that is so weird! And Cooper Richins got his call!! That’s awesome!!! I think it is so cool how many people are going on missions!!!!

So to answer the question about the weather here.... from about November to April is the rainy season. But the main part is in febrero. But after this until the end of junio is the ice season where at night it is extremely cold!!! So I am not looking forward to that! But we will see how it is! Haha.
So the living conditions here vary, in part of my area we have some pretty nice houses with tiled floors and nice things, but in the other part we have mud adobes with dirt floors, it just varies from part to part, but I actually like the adobes more, the people are nicer haha.

So in my ward we do have a ward building, and we have about 500 members in my ward, but only about 200 are active and attend in Sundays, so we have a lot of rescuing to do. As for the animals, there are a lot of stray dogs, you can´t walk anywhere without seeing one. I can´t even count how many times I have almost been bitten, and how many times I have defended myself by throwing rocks at the dogs, because that is the only way to get rid of them.

We do have on about every corner of the street is a little store where we can buy just about anything we need, and we have a big convenience store about 5 minutes from our room, so we buy a lot of soda and junk food. Haha!!

So I have not received my last package yet with the papers and all that, but I should get it this week.
And since I will have the new card I will need you to put some money on it for me,
I need to be able to withdraw at least 150 dollars, because I am going to Macchu Picchu on April 15. So that I can go before the new president. And about half my zone is going that day also! Haha every one is scared that with the new president we won´t be able to go!

So I am so excited that Ashley is going to have her baby soon! I can´t wait to see pictures of him!!! I love babies, and the babies here in Peru are so cute and chubby!!!  For some reason the kids when we are at someone’s house, they always come to me, so I am always the child entertainer during the lesson haha; it is quite interesting to teach and babysit all at the same time! Its preparation for when I am a parent, haha the mission prepares you for everything!!!

So this week we did have our reunion de cambios, and I did not have a change, but guess what! My zone leader from the MTC Elder Aiono a big Tongan, he is in my zone now! Freaking he is the best!

So this week also we had to drop 2 of our investigators because they weren´t progressing, and that is like the worst feeling in the world!!! I know it was necessary so we could work with others, but it was so hard to do because I have been working with them since I got into the field!

What else every single person we talk to that I have known since I arrived has been telling me that my Spanish now is excellent, they say that I sound like I have been speaking Spanish for a lot longer than 4 months, so that is a good confidence booster, and it makes the work more fun when you can talk with people, because you can participate and it helps the time to pass by!!

But I read the poem Paula sent me like every night, and it helps me realize why I am a missionary, and it truly helps me to understand that Christ did go through everything that we are going to go through. I know that siempre; we can rely on our savior!!! He can help us with everything if only we have faith!

Well I love you all so much! And I miss you, but guess what; I know I am in the right place right now in my life!

I can´t wait to hear from all of you soon! Have a great week, and don´t forget to read your scriptures and say your prayers, because only when we do those things and keep the commandments can our heavenly father help us!!!!



P.S. don´t forget the 150 dollars so that I can go to Macchu Picchu!!

I love you!!!!!!


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