Monday, April 1, 2013


(This post is from his email dated March 25, 2013...Sorry I'm a little behind)
Hey this is going to be really fast and really fast because I need time to put pictures on a USB drive to print them.

So I got the package with pop tarts and all that, my comp is so grateful for the beef jerky he already ate it all!!! The missionary video doesn’t work in the mini DVD that we have and tampoco (neither) in the regular TV.

I also got like 8 dear elders and a letter from dad that he sent a while ago I think,

We will be going to Machu Picchu on the 22nd of April. I am so freaking excited to go!! But it is a Monday and I don’t know if I will get to email that day, but we will see. So I have a question, I want to know what day is Easter, and what day is Mother’s Day, I never remember dates like that, so please tell me!!!

Oh I have some news for you! So we all have to choose if we are going to leave the field 3 weeks before or 3 weeks after the date we began the mission, so I choose 3 before because I need to get everything settled for school, but guess what, that means I leave in 2014 on October 21st!!!!! I leave my mission, on my birthday, but it is like 2 days travel, which means I will probably arrive on Annie’s birthday!

This week Elder Brey called me with the cell phone of the zone leaders,  I hope that I get to see him in April for the transfers, but when we were talking he told me that is was so much help to be able to talk to me, and hear a familiar voice!!!

Also I was reading a Liahona the other day that was pretty old, and I found a picture of Grandpa Jack, and I freaked out and ripped it out of the Liahona and put it in my journal, and I’m pretty sure my comp thought I was crazy!!!

So mom one of my converts is 14 years old and she wants to add you as a friend on Facebook, her name is Bony Ananis Aragon, or something like that! Add her as a friend! She is awesome!!!!

The rain is finally starting to pass, this past week we had 4 straight days of sun! It was amazing! It was kind of like St. George weather, I think, but I loved it! I hope I go someone warm in the next transfer like Puerto Maldonado!!!

So this past Tuesday we had Elder Nash a member of the Seventy come and talk to the 2 stakes in Cusco, it was such a good talk, and the members here were basically in heaven to have a general authority here talking to them!!!

We are teaching a few people, but not many are progressing, we have like 3 people that want to get baptized, but they have to get married first, that is the biggest problem that we have here, is that people aren’t married!!!!!!

But we are working hard with them so they can have the blessing of baptism!
we are also working with this 9 year old who isn’t baptized but her parents are member inactive, and she wants to get baptized, so we have a goal for this Saturday,. And we are activating her parents and her dad wants to baptize her!!!

 Well I am so sorry that this email was so fast  but I really have to print these pictures, so I am so sorry!!!

I love you all so much, and I look forward to getting pictures of the new baby! I hope everyone that is sick gets better soon; you are all in my prayers every day!! I love you, and I am so grateful to have every single one of you in my life!

Have a fantastic week, and I will talk to you again next Monday!!!


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