Wednesday, June 5, 2013


Hey so I am back from my vacation in Lima!!!! It was awesome!!! So I traveled alone for 13 hours from Puerto to Cusco, and guess who was waiting for me when I got there!!! ELDER BREY!!! He was standing there with a huge smile on his face, and we started talking and I don’t think we stopped talking the entire trip! I do have some pictures of us to send you so you can send to his parents also because he didn’t take pictures!!! So after we went straight to the airport along with 15 other missionaries got on a plane and went to Lima!!! We got to Lima and did paper work the whole day and then we ate at McDonalds and of course the church paid like normal so it was amazing!! Then we got to our hotel at like 4:30 Tuesday afternoon, and we just hung out in the hotel the entire night and talked and I don’t think I have every laughed so hard in my life listening to stories from the other missionaries!!!!
So then Wednesday morning we got to go to the temple!!!!! It was awesome we did an endowment session but I had to talk with the Temple Presidency because I don’t have a recommend because it was in my wallet when I got robbed at the beginning of my mission so I have to get a new one, but they let me in anyways. I’m a missionary!!!!! So after that we went and bought some stuff I bought some scriptures covers because my scriptures were crap without them, so check my bank account please because I didn’t have enough cash!!!! I also made another small purchase for a gift for one of my converts so that is on my card too!!! But after all that we went to the airport and got back to Cusco at like 4 in the afternoon. And we hung out in the mission office until 8 that night, then I went and took the bus alone again, back to Puerto, and got there Thursday morning at like 7. So it was a very tiring week, and now I am sick!! So that’s always good!!! Haha
So about the transfers, I will be in Puerto with Elder Torres for one more transfer, and only 1 Elder in our room has a change, and we are so happy because we all thought we were going to kill him!!!!! So many problems that I can’t even begin to explain them!!!
So I am not surprised that Ali has another boyfriend!!! But tell her congrats!!! Haha.
I feel bad to hear about all the health issues with Karson, but that just shows that he is a member of our family!!!!!
Mom I cannot believe that you are going to be done with another school year!!! That means I graduated a year ago!!!!! How crazy is that!!!! I cannot believe it!!!! 
So sounds like the Lowell’s cup was great!!!! I’m sad I missed it!!! But that’s okay; I will play again in 2 years!!!
Dad thanks for the scripture references I will do that during personal study one day this week!!! So thank you I am excited to read it!!! 
So not much happened this week, but I do have a story about an investigator!!!
So we have been teaching this person since we got here 2 months ago, and she never attended church because she works on Sundays.  So we have our fast this weekend, and we prayed for her that she would be able to attend, and then we went and taught for about the tenth time why she needs to attend to be baptized. So we talked and I felt the sprit so strong, and she was crying and she kept putting up all these excuses, and but then at the end she was like, ya I am going to talk to my boss. So that day after the lesson we were walking and she passed by us on her scooter, and stopped and said, hey I’m going to church tomorrow, and every Sunday after that so I can get baptized!!!!  We asked if she talked to her boss, and she said she quit her job because she didn’t need the money for anything important, and that her dad said he would give her money until she found new work!! so she came to church yesterday for the first time after 2 months!!!! It was amazing!!! I just love being a missionary and having the people follow through with their commitments!!! It’s the greatest!! And it’s all because we teach with the spirit, if you don’t have the spirit then you can’t apply the things we teach!!!!
Well that’s about all for this week, I hope everyone is doing well and I can’t wait to hear from you next week!!! You are the greatest, and I love you all so much!!!!!!
Also I haven’t got my package yet!!!! But it will come!!!!

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