Monday, May 27, 2013


Hey how is everybody!!! From the emails it sounds like everyone is doing well!!! I love hearing about what you are all doing, just as I am sure you love hearing about the jungle! Haha but guess what this week I am leaving the jungle for 2 days!!! I found out this morning that I will be leaving at 4 in the afternoon today to go to Cusco, and then at 7 in the morning I will be flying to Lima!!!! I’m going on vacation!!! Okay not really, I have to go to Lima to get my carne de extranjeria. Or in other words my ID that says I’m foreign but I am living here for 2 years. So guess what that means I should be able to get the notary done now for my license!!!!! So I will leave today and I think I get back to Puerto Thursday. So I am going to basically miss all of the last week of this transfer!!! 
What else happened, oh ya!! Presidente Calderon came to Puerto and we had our last zone conference with him on Saturday because he only has one month left before he finishes his mission. So that was pretty sad, but we all got a letter from Presidente Harbertson our new president, and had a pic of him and his family so that was pretty cool!!!! 
Also good news!!! We had a part of our sector where we couldn’t work, but president told us that now we have permission to work there and this part is about 2 miles long!!!!! We are going to find so many new people!!!
So dad, thank you for that advice to pray and ask for specific things, like to find a family. Actually the other we were contacting and we find this lady and she told us she has been praying for guidance in her life and then we showed up, so her and her 3 kids came to church on Sunday and we challenged them for baptism, now we just have to decide for when!! But guess what, THEY ARE MARRIED!!!!!! That is the first married couple I have met that isn’t a member!!! It’s a miracle because now we don’t have to wait for a marriage, they can just get baptized!!! I was extremely happy when she said they are married!!!! So it sounds like you guys all had a good memorial day!!! We don’t have that hear obviously so we just spent the day working like normal!!!! I can’t believe how fast people will be leaving for the mission, and what I can’t believe is that when Ethan leaves I will be a month shy of a year in the filed!!!! Mom I really like that 10 minutes of scripture reading!!! I am also trying to set a goal because I still haven’t finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish, so I am working hard with that to finish it!!!!! Maybe I will have a lot of time to read in the 10 bus ride that I have to take today!!! I can’t believe it is almost June!!! It’s crazy!!!
So I am sure you want to hear what I am up to.
So this week wasn’t very eventful, we worked normal, but I went on a division the other day and we talk a lesson, and I honestly have never felt the spirit so strong, the lady was talking and we would answer and it was just that every time we said something it penetrated her heart and she was crying the whole time, and I was talking about something and I started crying because it definitely wasn’t my words it was the sprit talking and I just could feel that these things I was saying were the things that she needed to hear, and that she is a woman really prepared by god to receive this message!!!! Its experiences like that, which help you to know you, are a true missionary!!! And that this truly is the work of the lord!!! When we teach with the authority and power we each have been given, that is when we see miracles!!!! I have seen many blessings and miracles in my mission, and I know that if I continue to teach with that authority and if I am obedient, then the lord will bless me, and will help me find the people that I NEED to teach. The lord has people prepared, but he also has missionaries prepared we just need to rely in the lord and the spirit to know if we are that missionary, and if this is the child of god that needs our message!!!! I absolutely love my mission without a doubt, when I first got here I thought to myself, what the heck am I doing, why am I here? But now I know what I need to be doing, and I know why I am here. The lord has prepared the field and it is white and ready to harvest, and as his servants we are sent out for 18 months or 2 years to bring his fold unto him, so that everyone has the chance to live with god in his kingdom!!! I love being a missionary, and I know that this church is true and that only through these covenants that we make and if we are faithful can we get back to the presences of god!! 
I hope that all of you understand that, and that every day of your life you work to build your faith, and trust in the lord for EVERYTHING we are his children, and he wants to help us, but he can only do that if we first are willing to rely in him with all our heart, once we do that, he will pour his blessings out upon us!!! 
I love this gospel, and I love each and every one of you!! I hope everything is going well back at home, and that you can feel the spirit in your life, if not, what changes can you make to feel that spirit. 
I hope you have a great week! And I will talk to you next Monday as usual!!!! 

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