Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Hey first off I hope that you had a great father’s day dad!!! Sorry I couldn’t be there, but I am busy doing the work of my father in heaven bringing my brothers and sisters back to him. But from your emails it sounds like you had a great day!!!! 

So guess what, I BOUGHT A DR. PEPPER THIS WEEK!!!!! We went to the market, and they had one there and I broke down and bought it, 7 months since I have had a Dr. Pepper and it was amazing!!!!!! I am getting pretty tired of orange Fanta every day!!!! HaHa. So the other day we went with our district to do service for the city because we have a contract with them so that marriages are easier, and we were cleaning and some old guy came up to the sister missionary and pointed at me and said... look that gringo is Satan.....so apparently I am Satan!!! HaHa and then when he left he walked by me and called me Satan again. Gotta love the people here!!!  
So I hope everything went well with grandma’s birthday, sounds like everything was good, you are all gomers in the family picture HaHa but that’s okay because that describes our family, we are all very interesting people!
So mom asked if I have been working on the new part of our area, honestly no, we haven’t done any contacting lately we have been so busy with investigators its insane, this month for the 29th, we are going to have 2 marriages, and it is a pain to do all the paper work here and get everything ready to go for those marriages that we have been working with them a ton to get them ready for the 29th, so we have two marriages, and 4 baptisms planned for the 29th, and it all depends on if we get the paper work done in time!!! AHHHHHHHHH!!! I am so happy that the marriages in the USA are easier!!!! But we need to find new people to teach because when they get baptized we won’t have anyone. The first couple is Lucila and Wilington, the other is Jacinto and Rocio. But Rocio is member so she won’t get baptized again, but her daughter Carmen is going to be baptized that day as well so those are the 4 with date, and they honestly are the best people ever, I do not want to leave this sector because these families are the best people ever!!!!!! I feel like they have become my second family here!!! Yes the jungle is still all hot and humid and every day I sweat off about half of my body weight!!!!!! But no it is not raining every day like your iPhone says; it hasn’t rained in about 2 weeks or more, so that’s why it’s so hot here!!! 

So about Ronaldiño, we still don’t have the permission from his parents so we don’t know when he is going to be baptized but I hope that it is soon. Because he is awesome!!! And he has the biggest desire to be baptized so we are still working with them to get the signature from his parents because they have to sign the baptism record because he is only 12 years old. But we are working hard here, and let me just say it’s very tiring!!! Emotionally giving all sorts of advice to people every day, and physically in how much we walk and how hot it is. But that is the life of a missionary, and that is how we receive blessings is by helping other people receive blessings!!!! So I love you all and I am sorry this email was kind of short, but I loved hearing from you, and I hope that I hear from you next week as well!!! I LOVE YOU!!! Have a great week and keep moving forward!!!!


Sorry there aren’t pictures today, the computer is being dumb and won’t accept my memory card, but oh well, I will send some next week!!! 

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