Sunday, July 28, 2013


So first of all, today all of your emails were amazing!!! I feel so uplifted right now, and all I want to do is go and teach everybody!!! So I am sure that you are all dying to know about where I am, who I am with, and how is everything!!! But first of all, at the transfers meeting I met Anna Bailey’s cousin, Elder Nichols, or something like that. And also, Jamison Wagner one of the people in our stake who I was in mission prep with, he is now in my mission!!! How crazy that is, I know so many people here!!!!! 
So now about the transfers, all of you know that I was taken out of Puerto Maldonado, which is okay, and now I am serving in JULIACA it’s a zone with 28 missionaries, a ton, and we are one of the 100 stakes here in Peru. so Juliaca is absolutely freezing cold, we are in the season of the ice right now, basically it’s like the coldest day that you can think of during the winter in Utah, but without snow. And it’s like that all day basically except for like 2 hours in the afternoon if you are out in the sun!! But I absolutely love Julicaca, besides the fact that it is way cold, I love it the people here are so nice and our ward is awesome, they help a ton with the work!!! Also here, there are a ton of people that speak Quechua, so I am learning a little bit of that, just a couple words and like 2 phrases, but I can actually understand a  lot of the stuff they say in Quechua, I just can’t talk back.
So now about my companion, and all that fun stuff. 
So actually in Juliaca I am opening a brand new sector that has never been open before, so I have to do a ton of stuff like find room, get the desks beds, and all that stuff!! Right now we continue living with the other elders. My sector is called Alborada 2. It’s awesome, 
ALSO!!!  I'M TRAINING A NEW MISSIONARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am finally a trainer after wanting that for so much time!!!!!!
AND, MY COMPANION IS GRINGO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My comp is Elder Bentson, he is from Riverton Utah, and has 19 years. He is way cool; the only challenge is that he is learning Spanish like all other gringos. But that’s okay. So I have a ton of weight on my shoulders opening a sector, training a gringo, and teaching him Spanish!!! But it’s awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
So Juliaca is about 6 hours away from Cusco, and has a very high altitude. So that’s where I am. 
Now about the spider that was in our room in Puerto, we ended up trapping it with a broom and then stomping the broom bristles on it to kill it!!! It was so gross!!! But oh well in Juliaca there aren’t bugs, it’s too cold!!!!
So mom like you said, I can’t believe how many people are serving missions right now!!! It’s so crazy but it is awesome!!!! And I am so happy!! Because right now is the time when the lord has prepared his people for us to teach them!!!!!!!!! I love the work of the lord, the mission is a once in a lifetime experience that you will never have again, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. 
This Saturday pasado (last), we had a talent show with the stake here, and as a zone we did a talent interpreting stories of the Book of Mormon and  making them funny, and everybody loved it!!! It was so funny, I was the missionary studying the stories and then the others would come on stage and interpret what I read. On the mission there are so many good bonding experiences it is incredible!!!!! So I don’t have a lot of time to send pictures today because my zone leader is hovering over my shoulder watching the time, but I will try and send some! 
But just know how much love I have for each and every one of you, and also of my love for the lord!!!!! With him in our lives everything is possible!! I believe that with all of my heart!!! I hope that you guys believe it too!!!! I LOVE YOU AND MISS YOU!!! Have a great week, and I can’t wait to hear from you all next week, and hear about all of your awesome experiences!!!!!! 

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