Monday, July 15, 2013

TRANSFER TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hello to everybody all over the world that is receiving this email!!!!
So you guys have a ton of questions for today and I really hope that I am going to be able to answer all of them!!! So first about Lima, so yes last week I was in Lima, it was just as much of a shock to me as it was to all of you! Sunday night I had to travel to Cusco, and no I wasn’t alone I went with Elder Johnson, my companion from the CCM. so that was nice, all day Monday we had pday in Cusco, and then Tuesday morning Elder Johnson and I, and a group of 20 other missionaries, so in all 22 we flew to Lima, we ended up doing paperwork all day Tuesday, and half a day Wednesday, but guess what so after we received our Peru ID’S we were supposed to fly back to Cusco Wednesday in the afternoon, we got to the airport to go, and the person with our boarding passes from the church wasn’t there waiting for us, so we missed our flight!!!  And so our person in charge from the church told us we would be staying another night in a hotel, so we finally flew back to Cusco Thursday morning, but then I was in the mission office literally all day Thursday until the night I traveled back to Puerto. And got to Puerto Friday morning, so almost an entire week I was gone from my sector, let’s just say we didn’t get a whole lot done that week. but guess what, while I was in the office Presidente Harbertson sat down on the couch and talked with me and another elder for like an hour, just stories from his mission, he asked about our sector’s and all that and it was neat, he didn’t ask about grandpa, I think because the other elder was there also, but it was cool to talk with him one on one and not in a huge group.
So Friday morning I arrived in Puerto, and we worked Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, then guess what happened!!!! Sunday the zone leaders called and told the transfers, I HAVE A TRANSFER!!!!!!!!! I will no longer be in Puerto, and guess what they are only leaving my comp in our sector, they are changing the other elder who was in our trio so my comp will have to show the sector to 3 people now!!! So I was up until 3 in the morning with the other elder getting our luggage ready because today we have to say good bye to people, so I am extremely tired today, and I hope I can sleep on the bus tonight traveling to Cusco AGAIN!! There is never a dull moment here!!!  And I realized that I have so much crap in my suitcases I have started to leave a bunch of things that I have never used now that I know what the mission is like. But I knew this day was coming, after the last baptism of Luz Marina y Miguel Angel, I had this peaceful feeling come over me telling me that my work here in Puerto Maldonado was finished. So it won’t be a painful transfer because I know I completed the things I came to do. It’s interesting how the spirit helps us to know things. And the peacefulness that we can feel while listening to the spirit. 
Oh and no I haven’t done my drivers license yet because the mission office has to make a copy of my ID. But I will do it soon I hope.
So I am glad you got to see my friends the other night, that’s always good, they told me that Nicole made a video of all of us, I want to see it, it would probably be better to send it in a package though!!! 
Oh and that news about lucky made me so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s a little weird to think that he looks so unhealthy but in reality he’s healthy. Ha-ha oh I miss my fat little stinky dog!!!!!! But trust me there are plenty of dogs here in Peru just roaming the streets!!!
So really I don’t have any good stories from this week because I was gone like the entire week, but we did have the chance to go to the temple while we were in Lima, and that was good, it was basically just Missionaries there and the spirit was so strong it was incredible!!!
Well I don’t have a lot more time and to be honest I am like half asleep right now because I only sleep like 3 hours in the night and I was waken up because one of the elders feel of the top bunk of his bunk bed at 5:30 in the morning and I couldn’t sleep after!!! So it’s been an interesting day!!!! But ya, I will be traveling from Puerto to Cusco tonight with 10 other missionaries from Puerto, and next week I will let you all know where I am serving and who my is comp and all that good stuff!!!!! I love you and miss you all like crazy!!! But I am in the right place, and I don’t want to say this to make you sad, but I honestly don’t think of home that much I have been so focused in the mission and the work that there isn’t enough time to think about things going on at home, but I do love you and miss you all!!! I may not always think about home, but you are always in my heart!!!
Ps. I am sending some pictures, the one with the spider, the spider was in our room the other night and it was bigger than my hand!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

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