Tuesday, July 9, 2013

BAPTISMS 16 & 17

So the title of this says baptisms 16 and 17 but I don’t know if that is right, I have lost count now. So how is everybody doing this week!!! I hope that everything is good because if not I will have to hunt you to find out why!!! Haha. 

So dad you wanted to know for the baptism last week what was their conversion basically, honestly, I can't really put a specific point or lesson with that, for them is all just kind of built of and clicked one day and we started everything, one day we were talking and they just said that they know it’s true.  But they are awesome, one of the men received the priesthood yesterday but the other wasn’t there they had to go to Juliaca to visit family. 

Now the big question that mom and dad both asked, YES I did get to meet Presidente Harbertson and his wife, they came to Puerto on Friday the 5th, and we had a training with them, his wife, does not speak a thing of Spanish, the only things she can say is mucho gusto, which basically means nice to meet you. So she was sticking with the gringos to be able to talk in English. but they are very nice, he talked with each of us personally for like 3 minutes, and I didn’t even have to say anything about grandpa or Mark, he automatically recognized my name and started asking about them, so it was interesting, but all the elders after were like, what did he say what did he say!!! He knows you???? If was funny to explain! Haha. But he is cool, I am a little scared everyone is saying that because he knows me I am going to get put in higher positions, so we will see haha. But the transfers are next week, I think it is Tuesday the 16th, so we will know that Sunday before on the 14th who has change, and it would be nice to have a change of comp. we get a long but our personalities are very similar and so we get very stressed and upset with each other very easily because we are both the type A of person that has to have every answer correct and we know what we want, so it’s interesting but we work good together! So we will see. 

So guess what on the 11th of this month it will be one year since I received my mission call!!!!!!!!! HOW CRAZY IS THAT!!!!!!!!  I can’t even believe how fast that time has passed, I don’t want it to pass by I love the mission with all my heart it is the best!

So on Saturday we didn’t have the baptisms, we had to finish all of the lessons so we ended up having the 2 baptisms Sunday in the afternoon, but it was amazing!!! Luz Marina and her son Miguel Angel are the best!!! They are so prepared for this!!! And I absolutely love them!!!!!! Sorry I forget my camera today, so I will have to send the pictures next week, but remind me in your emails to send them!!! 

This baptism was awesome we have so many members that have started helping us because they have seen the success we have been having and its way good because the baptism was full!!!!!!!! So we are going to keep working to help invite others to come to Christ!!!!!

Oh guess what!!!!!!!! WRITE NOW I AM WRITING YOU IN CUSCO!!!!! HAHA

So I am writing you in Cusco because tomorrow I am going to be going to Lima again to finish all of the papers for my Peru ID, so I am on vacations again!!!! HAHAH I have decided that my mission is pretty relaxing there are so many things that help pass everyday here haha!!!!! Well I don’t have a lot of time to write more and as you can see the computer doesn’t want me to write more because it already sent the first part of the email, but I love you all so much!! And I can’t wait to hear from you next week! And tell you if I have a transfer or not!!! But I love you all so much; say hi to everyone for me!!! I LOVE YOU!!!!! Have a great week, talk you later!!!



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