Tuesday, July 2, 2013

BAPTISMS 12,13, 14 & 15!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

So sounds like all is going well back at home!!!!!!! I hope that everything continues to go well. First I just want to say again, happy birthday mom!!!! I hope it was fantastic!! And I hope that this week and the coming week that Kolby, Mercedes, and Sarah all have great birthdays!!!!!! One year older and wiser too, happy birthday too you!!!!!! Haha. 

So as a lot of you know, as of today PRESIDENTE HARBERTSON took over the mission Peru Cusco today!!!!!!!! How weird is that!!!! I don’t know what things will change if any, but we will see in time!!!! One thing we are all hoping for is that he will get cell phones for all the companionships!!!!!! We will need it because it is so hard to communicate with leaders, and investigators, so pray for cell phones please!!! Hahah

So dad about that new area, we haven’t worked in it because we still don’t feel like it is very safe to go there, the people haven’t quite calmed down yet after that whole rebellion thing when we had to move rooms, that’s why it was closed before, but maybe we will go soon, I don’t know. 

So mom yes the elder in my apartment is way trunky!!!!! All he talks about is how many days he has left in the mission and what he will be doing in his house soon!!! and it’s horrible, I honestly can’t wait for him to go because he is making my comp think about home and my comp doesn’t want to study, work, nothing so I have been dragging him behind me for like a week!!!! But that’s okay, because he goes this week and then we start the trio I think. 

Oh good news!!!! We are moving to another apartment today!!!! We have half of a house that is in back of an old spa, haha, but we are going there today, and it is so much better than the room we have right now!!!! So that we will be a boring pday moving all our stuff but oh well, you gotta do what you gotta do.......

So now about the baptisms!!!!!!! So last week, on Saturday my comp and I had 2 weddings, and 4 baptisms!!!!! Jacinto, and Rocio, got married and also Lucila and Wilington. It was really weird honestly I don’t like how they do marriage ceremonies here, the people getting married sit at a table in front with their backs to the audience, and a person from the government reads all these rules from a big book about marriage, and then he says now we will sign the documente, so they do all this paper work in front then they kiss and that’s it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of that stuff we did for like a 4 minute ceremony!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh well they got married, and the funniest is I had to do all the wedding decorations, haha, in there house, and in the chapel where the ceremony was. But the best part was the baptism!!!!! So we had about half of our branch there, and all there family members that were in the wedding, and it was awesome!!! So we had Jacinto, Lucila, and Wilington that got married, who were also baptized, Rocio did get baptized because she is already a member, but her daughter Carmen got baptized!!!! And along with that the other elders in the branch had 2 baptisms, so we had 6 in total this week for our branch!!!!! So I baptized Jacinto, and Carmen, but funny story Jacinto is huge, and I am little, and he didn’t want to wait when I said amen for my hand to be on his back to support him, so I said amen, and he doubled back and went in the water, so I had to try and fish him out but he was on the bottom of the font, so it was a little hard because he’s so fat!!!!! But it was a funny story him and I were laughing about it for like 3 hours after it happened!!!!! haha. 

So then we had there reception in there house and it was packed which was good because that morning we helped to cook food for about 300 people!!!! So they all danced and ate, and we just watched because we can’t dance but it was fun to see them because it is different than in Utah!!! 

So on Sunday, we took from 9:15 until 10 to do all 6 of the confirmations, then we had the sacramente, and we ended for Sunday school!!!! haha. But it was the best thing ever!!! They are now talking about their goal to be sealed in the temple in 1 year!!!! They are a family of gold!!! I have such a great love for them; they are like my second family here!!!!!!!

So mom I hope that was a good present for your birthday!!!! haha

But then one of our investigators came up to us after the baptism because she came to see it, she came up and ask if her and her 2 kids that have 8 and 9 years can get baptized this Saturday, so this Saturday we should have 3 baptisms if everything works out, and if we can finish teaching everything!!!! But the work is progressing here a ton!!!! And I am so happy not that I have baptisms, but that I am helping these people come unto Christ and understand their purpose in life!!!! 

So I can’t believe that we are already in Julio!!!! It’s insane!!!!!! 

Oh I remembered something else!!!! The month of June as a zone in Puerto Maldonado, we had 30 BAPTISMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is about 3 for every companionship, and presidente told us we should always have at least 2 for every companionship and it’s very rare to reach the number 30 it doesn’t happen a lot!!! But that’s all for this week!! This week was great, and I am going to keep working hard because the time in the mission is short!!!!! And I have to help as many people as I can to come unto Christ!!!! I love you all and hope you have a great week!!!!!! 



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