Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Email from 9-16-2013
Hey everybody,
Sounds like everything is going good. To start off answering some questions you all had, the finger is all healed up, so I am doing good with that now, also about COKE!!! haha, so it is a leaf that comes from a cocaine plant, and they use it here a ton for medical reasons, a lot of people just chew it for fun, but our pension gave it to us mixed in a drink so that was interesting, but don’t worry I haven’t had anymore, I ask the pension everyday what’s in our drink because I did not like the effect that the coke left in my body that day, I was way out of it. But yes it is the illegal drug of the USA, haha, now I can say that I have tried drugs!!!!! And honestly I wouldn’t recommend it, it’s horrible!!!!!! 
So I am sorry to hear that Karson was still sick, I hope that he is doing a little better now, I keep praying for him and for all of you, keep me updated on him, also about Brent and Lisa’s trailer, that must be hard, but the lord puts these challenges in our lives, it could be health, financial, or whatever, but we have challenges to learn and to grow, and in these times we must learn how to rely on the lord, that is the most important thing we can do. As we rely on the lord he will help us "restore the things that are lost" I guess we could say. But just keep moving forward and you will see the blessings that will come through your faith and your diligence. 
So as you can see, Gladys got baptized on Saturday. It honestly was a very special experience. I was able to feel the spirit very strong, and able to see how ready she was to do these promises with the lord!!! So we met Gladys through a less active member who works with her, and while activating the member we taught Gladys, and it was cool because my comp and I were able to see her full progression, we contacted her, and we baptized her. And I have been able to see so many blessings come into her life during this time, and I know she has been able to see them too. She is one of those people that the lord NEEDS in his church, she has such a special spirit about her, and I know she will be an instrument in the hands of the lord throughout her whole life, because she has received a testimony about everything. I love being a missionary and seeing these changes in people’s lives. It was probably one of the more special baptisms in my whole mission. They are all special but this one was way special for me. 
So this weekend we had stake conference, and it was for all of the stakes and districts in all of Peru!!!! It was a transmission in satellite, and we heard from Carlos Godoy from the Seventy, Sister Reeves from the Relief Society, and from DAVID A. BEDNAR, and RICHARD G. SCOTT!!!!! I love hearing from the apostles, because I can always feel that what they are saying is what the people need to hear in their lives. But I have to admit David Bednar looks OLD!!!!!! So Elder Bednar talked about repentance, and honestly that is something everyone needs, I have met so many people in the mission who don’t think that they need it, but I love the things he was saying, talking not only about how we need the atonement for sins, but to have Christ’s help all the time in our lives, and how he can take away pains and problems that we have. Elder Scott, talked about respecting women and treating them like goddesses, but that is definitely something they need to hear in Peru, because they do not treat the women here like they should, they disrespect them, and make them feel like crap, and we need to learn that they are daughters of God, and we have to do everything for them respect them, love them, serve them, and something Elder Scott said is to worship them because without them we are nothing, and it is so true, and something every man should apply in his life!!!!!!
So it was a very uplifting weekend, and I was able to learn a ton!!!!
Yesterday, a family invited us to eat and we had lamb which I have absolutely learned to love here in Peru, and between my comp and I the family made us drink 4 liters of INCA COLA!!!!! But that’s alright I love Inca cola!!!! So not much else happened this week, it was a little slow in the work, and we don’t have anybody progressing because nobody comes to church, so I will update you next week on the investigators and I have faith that we will get some progressing!!!
I love you all and I hope the best for you!!! Keep relying on the lord, and don’t forget that when things are tough we have him to help us out!!! And the priesthood!!
I love you all and hope to hear from you next week!!!
Con Mucho Amor

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