Sunday, October 6, 2013

DRUGS...... i was given coke.....

Email 9-9-2013
So first off I want you all to know the finger is doing good, it’s getting better with the cream I’m using. So it still looks gross but the cream dries it out to help it heal. So don’t worry, everything is fine, and don’t worry it wasn’t the jungle disease like they thought, they think it was just some fungus I contracted, but it’s getting better, so you don’t have to worry about it. Just stay happy. So here they use the drug coke for medicine reasons and the mission allows us to take it when we are sick with certain things, so my comp was sick again this week so the mission told him to take this drug that is illegal in the use, I told our pension, and she gave it to him, then as I was eating dinner she told me she mixed some in my drink and food also to help with my finger. Needless to say I was bouncing off the walls like the entire night it was bad, I have so much energy going through my body it was ridiculous and I never want to take that drug again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mom my shoes have 4 eyelets to help you out. That’s way cool that BJ is using Facebook in his mission, we all want it here but I don't think that will come for a while, I mean they haven’t even given us cell phones yet so how are they going to allow Facebook.. 
Mercedes congratulations on graduating that’s awesome!!!!  Ummmmm so Karson is HUGE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Stop feeding him!!!! Haha but he is absolutely so cute!! 
So this week has been really good, we have everything all set up for Gladys baptism this Saturday and she is way excited for it also!!!!! So I really hope everything goes well, we just have to get her baptism interview done, but she is definitely one of those people prepared for the lord!!!!!
This week we have been challenging a ton of people to baptism but we are waiting to see what their needs are before counting them as something with a date, we are also applying a ton of things from the training with Elder Grow and its helping us a ton!!!!! 
Yes we are still teaching piano and English, and usually we have about 10 people there every week in each class. So it’s going good, but it will be interesting to see what happens when I leave because nobody else plays piano. 
So Katia was sustained as young women’s president yesterday and it was awesome to see her in there and have all the young women who just love her and help her to know what she needs to do!!!! 
This week we talked with this guy Edward about the Book of Mormon, and we decided to go by the next day to see if he had read, and he was honest and told us he hadn’t so we had a prayer with him and encouraged him to read, about 30 minutes later we walked by his store and he was sitting out front reading!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 and it was awesome!!!! He is one of those people that accepts everything but he works on Sundays and we are trying to help him come up with a solution to attend church, so I hope we can help him!!!!! Other than that there isn’t really much to inform you on because we are having to leave a lot of investigators who aren’t progressing so we will be finding new ones, I always hate leaving people when they don’t progress! But it’s necessary to keep working! 
Oh, so just to let you all know because the vans brought it up, I still suck at playing soccer, and that’s because honestly I haven’t played a ton in Juliaca because that’s the only thing to do on pday and everyone is getting sick of it so we have been playing cards a lot! But I am better than I was before that’s the good things!!!! 
So I love you all so much, and I hope everything goes well this week!!!! You are all amazing people!!! And you much always remember your potential!!! 

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