Sunday, October 6, 2013

MERRY CHRISTMAS!!! Oh wait wha=??

Email from 9-2-2013

Hey everybody!!! 
So I am sure you are all wondering why I put merry Christmas as the title today that would be because it snowed here this week!!!!!!! I saw snow for the first time in forever!!!!!!!! And it made me to think about the TV show Adam talked about here in Peru, if they are mining in one of the cold parts that would be horrible!!!!! But it was so cool; the sad part was that it killed thousands of llamas and alpacas which is really sad, because that is like the animal of Peru!!!! So first off I want to congratulate all of my wonderful brothers for their job promotions! That’s absolutely awesome!!!!   Mercedes because you are going to be graduating!!! That’s awesome!!! I remember at the beginning of my mission talking about how much time Mercedes had left to study and it seemed like so much, but it flew by!!!!!! FELICITACIONES A TODOS!!!!!!! So some more news from here in Peru! We got a new assistant to the president in the mission and guess who it is! ELDER NEFF!  Its way cool, also I forgot to tell you about my camera, it cost around 140 to 145 dollars is what I could figure out converting it from soles. And it’s a way nice camera it’s the NIKON COOLPIX S6300.  Yes I got the package finally mom, after one month it arrived here in Juliaca today and the zone leaders gave it to me.  About the birthday package, I really want some new ties I am bored with mine, some paisley, and bright colors please!!!!! also new shoelaces for my Sunday shoes because the laces are breaking, and some whitening strips for my teeth, that’s all I can think of, I will leave the rest up to you guys, and about the music thing, it wouldn’t really matter putting my music on my iPod because I actually lost my iPod a couple months ago in Puerto I just didn’t want to tell you, haha. 
So here the work is going good, this week was a little bit slow for the transfers and everything, and also, we had a special conference with ELDER SCOTT GROW a member of the seventy!!!!!!! It was awesome, we all got to introduce ourselves to him, and guess what the first thing he said to me you know Jack Goaslind??? Ha-ha, yupp I do, so then him and his wife went on to talk about how great he his, and how they were at his funeral also. And all this stuff, it was cool. The conference was really good, I learned a ton, but they are changing a ton of rules in the mission!!! All the missionaries are having kind of a hard time with it because we are all so use to the other way, but I know that it will be better applying these rules! It so easy to see that President Harbertson is called of god to lead us and teach us the things we need to know. So the conference with Elder Grow was 7 hours long and we had to travel to Puno for it, so we missed out on the entire day of working!!! But we are applying the things we learned and this week will be good. 
So about investigators, we don’t have like anyone right now that is progressing, just Gladys, she is a friend of a member we are activating, and she is awesome!!! she attends the church every Sunday, and always reads he book of Mormon, and never has doubts with the things we teach, her baptism date is for the 14th of September, which by the way is this month!!! Holy crap!!!! But that’s about all that is happening with investigators right now I will try to keep you updated!!! 
There isn’t anything else very exciting happening, yes Katia was called as young women’s president and she seems quite nervous about it because she only has one week as a member, but I know she will do a good job, she has a lot of support from the members.
Oh dad about the shower head there aren’t water heaters, nor heat in the houses here, so to shower with hot water you have these giant shower heads that heat up the water as it comes out, and yes if you touch it while its going it gives you a pretty good shock, so you have to be careful, I've been shocked a couple of times in the mission, its quite entertaining!!! 
So like always I loved hearing from you guys!!! And I can’t wait to hear from you again!!!
You are the best people and family in the entire world!!!! Please keep all of my investigators in your prayers so that we can help them progress!!! I love and miss you all so much!!! You’re the greatest!!! If there is anything I can do for you let me know!!! But I got to write a couple other emails now. Have a great week!!!



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