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Email from 8-26-2013
Hey everybody, so I loved getting your emails today, and you will have to excuse me for last week that I did not have the chance to write all the little emails to everybody, I ran out of time, and I am trying to be more obedient in the mission now, so I logged off right as my time ran out. But I hope that this week I will have a little bit more time to write. So mom and dad, first off I am glad that you got my letters, and that you were able to enjoy them so much! It was nice writing them and reflecting back on some of those things.
About the license papers that I sent with the letters, were you able to get those taken to the DMV, or are you going to get that done this week. Just keep me updated because a license is going to be essential to leave the country because right now it’s pretty hard to get in the country, and once you’re in, it´s hard to get out. 
Dad thanks for the story about the Greenacre family, I am going to try and apply that during this week because I feel like it was something inspired. And mom thanks you for your thoughts, and loved to hear them, and I will remember them.
So I can’t believe that Carly, Rex and Jackson all have their mission calls!!!! That’s awesome!!! And they are all leaving so soon!! And Carly and Jackson will all be in the MTC together!! How awesome is that!!!! Just keep going forward! So about the transfers, I am still with my comp. and we are working well. I will be finishing his training this transfer. And you can tell we are working well, because we had our 2nd baptism together on Saturday. Katia was baptized and confirmed on Sunday! And it was an amazing experience! She shared her testimony in the baptism service, and it sounded like she had been a member for years!! And the bishop is actually going to interview her this week to be president of young women’s! How awesome is that!!! 
So this week was just a little bit crazy, on Friday night we had to help cut up 45 chickens and wash over 300 potatoes for an activity that our convert Ana Maria was having to raise money for her daughter’s health conditions. But the activity went well, and the food tasted amazing!!!!! So after that activity, on Saturday we basically lived in the chapel from 6:00 in the morning until 9:30 at night. Because the ward had a ton of activities and we were a part of them all, but they all went good!!!! 
So I think I told you about how our electric shower broke a couple weeks ago and we have been showering with cold water, well we finally bought a new shower head, and guess who got to install it! ME!!!! It was quite the experience; let’s just say I love Peru and the way they do their electric wiring its quite hilarious! But the shower now works, unless in the morning all the water stored in the tank for the house is frozen because it’s so cold here. Just like this morning was all frozen. Oh well! 
So some sad news, I don’t know if you guys heard about a girl climbing in Zion’s or somewhere down south, and she fell climbing and passed away. Well it just happens that, that person is my comps cousin. Last Monday night we got a call from President Harbertson, to inform my comp that his cousin had passed away in a repelling accident of 120 feet down south. So this week was pretty hard on him, but he has been such a good example to me and how his just kept pushing forward helping out the other people here. I can’t even imagine what that would be like to have something like that happen while out on the mission, especially in your first transfer in the field. So keep his family in your prayers through this time of sadness and grieving, and I know they will be able to get through it. 
So we had an event filled week!!!
Oh so mom no I haven’t got the package yet, but about the birthday package, I am not quite sure what to have you send, in next week’s emails can you give me some ideas, because in the mission there isn’t a whole lot of stuff that we use, just different ties everyday haha. So give some ideas. 
So it sounds like everything is going good with the family, and that everyone is content with life, I hope it stays that way! But I have a question, I haven’t seen a single pregnancy picture or ultrasound of Kristen’s baby, when should I be expecting that!!!!! Haha just a thought. 
Oh and dad I have to ask what food you got at the Peruvian restaurante, so I can tell you if I have eaten it or not!!!!! Let me know!!!! 
Oh and dad you also asked about my district, well its just 2 companionships, and 3 of the 4 people are gringos, but one of them is going to return to his house this week, because he is finishing his mission  on Wednesday we will find out who the new person is, and we are also waiting to find out who the new district leader is going to be. So I will keep you updated on that, but I will be the oldest person in the district because the other elder is going to be training he has to go to Cusco tonight to pick up his son. So that will be interesting being the oldest! but that’s about it for this week, I am going to keep working hard because I am in the service of the lord and he needs missionaries who are willing to give everything for him, that’s why we are called. Maybe all of you could read Doctrine and Covenants, section 4 to get inspired about missionary work, because everybody is a part of it whether you have a missionary name tag or not!!!! 
I want you all to know how much I love each and every one of you, and the influence you have been in my life!!! You are the best people ever!!! Keep working hard, and being happy!!! I love and miss you, and I will talk to you next week!!!!!!!

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