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Email from 10-2-2013
Hey how are things going?
So first off I’m sure you want to know why I didn’t email on Monday, and the reason for why I am emailing today, so this week Presidente Harbertson was here in Juliaca and we were with him the entire time!!!!
so on Monday we had interviews with him, from 10:00  in the morning until about 4:30 in the afternoon, so they told us we couldn’t email, that we would have to wait because there postponed pday until today, then on Tuesday we had our zone conference with Presidente where he spoke to us also his wife, and it was really good, but IT WAS SO LONG, we sat in the chapel listening to him from 10:00 in the morning until 5:30 in the afternoon!!!!! It was so freaking long, but it was so inspiring!!! I honestly learn so much from Presidente, he spoke to us about temples and the importance of them and showed us a ton of scriptures that explains why we do certain things in the temples, and then he talked to us about the blessing we will have if we are diligent in our work to receive a temple in Cusco!!! I hope they announce one soon that would be such a huge blessing for the people here in Peru, to have a temple in Cusco, the members there are awesome and they deserve something like that. Also during all these trainings the assistants were there, so I got to see Elder Neff which was really good, I can’t believe how much time he has in the mission it’s ridiculous!!!! 
So also Presidente told us of a new site we can use in our mission to send pictures home, it’s called DROPBOX.COM so you should set up an account and next Monday be on the site at like 10:30 or 11 in the morning so I can send pictures faster to you, but you have to be taking them off the site as I send them through. But I guess that would be 10:30 my time so like 9:30 your time. That will help a ton to back up my pictures so they don’t get lost. 
So about the tiger head from last week, it was a gift to me that my pension gave me, the lady who cooks for us. I am not quite sure why but I have no clue what I am going to do with it because it is ceramic, and it weighs a ton!!!!!!! 
I think I said this last week, but congrats on Karsons blessings, it really is such a blessing to have the priesthood in our family. And I know that god blessings us for living his gospel, and keeping worthy of his blessings, I have seen so many miracles in my life from the priesthood, and I know god gives it to us because that’s the way we can return to his presence. President also talked about being sealed together as families in the temples. And that is because we have the priesthood keys to do it. This gospel would be nothing without the priesthood, and we should remember it always, something I have seen in my mission is the members here really rely on the priesthood because they don’t have good medical treatment here, and they trust in god all the time asking for blessings, and that is something we would do well to remember is that the priesthood is stronger than anything here on the earth, and if we want to receive the fullness of its blessings in our lives and for our families, if we want to see that things work well in our lives, we need to live worthy, read our scriptures, pray, ATTEND CHURCH AND PARTAKE OF THE SACRAMENT, and do all they things that god has taught us to do. These are the only ways that we can receive blessings from god. 
So just like you guys were saying, I am WAY EXCITED!!! Because GENERAL CONFERENCE IS THIS WEEKEND!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think I get more excited for general conference now then I would get for Christmas as a child. I absolutely love being able to listen to the prophet of god, and to his apostles, because they really do receive revelation to help us in our lives, and if we listen to them we will know the things we should do to receive gods help. something we should do before conference is pray and write in a notebook or something questions or concerns that we have, and then remember these things during conference and we will be able to receive more answers than ever before because we will have something specific that we want to learn. I challenge you all to watch conference with something in mind because you will see how he can answer!!!!! And holy crap, that’s weird that you can watch conference in your house now!!!!!! But don’t do it. It would be better to go to the stake center because like dad told me, it’s something more special that you can feel!!!!! But that’s cool!!!! The way we watch conference here, is everybody goes to the stake center and they broadcast it, and sometimes they have a separate room for the gringos to go to Para mirarlo en ingles. So I hope we watch in ingles it more powerful. But either way it’s good!!!!! But I think we have a good chance there are 7 gringos in our zone. 
So dad had asked me how we work normally here, really what we are doing now is the church doesn’t want us to be working without a member, so we are starting to get accustomed to that, it will help a ton I feel. Also they are put that half of our time working is dedicated now to less actives, the sheep who have strayed. we have 500 members in our ward here, but only 95 attend every week, the average attendance rate for the mission is 25%, it really low, so they changed a ton of stuff like the numbers we have to report to Presidente every week, they don’t even asked us a ton, mainly lessons taught with member present, lessons taught to less actives, and a couple others, but not much, so the work is changing now, tracting here is frowned upon by our Presidente because it doesn’t help with anything!!! So we are trying to get accustomed now. But I know that it will be good!!!! 
So everything is being set up for the baptism of Veronica on Friday. I think it will be good but because it’s general conference she won’t be confirmed until the next Sunday, because all coverts have to be confirmed in the sacrament meetings. But she is very excited we finished teaching her everything last night, and we got rid of all the little tiny doubts and questions she had. So her interview is set up for tomorrow, and I think everything will go good!!!! But other than that there still isn’t anybody, we have a member who has given a couple references, so we are starting to work with them, but not much yet. 
So that’s basically what’s happening here in Juliaca!!! Wahoo!!!
Also I thought you might want to know that all the members here have started telling me that I have gotten a lot fatter than what I was when I got to Juliaca, and they were looking at some of my pictures from early in the mission, and now they are telling me that I look old like an adult, so apparently now I am old and fat, which I don’t see but oh well, you gotta love Peruvians they are very blunt about everything!!!! Haha. 
Well I love you all so much, and I hope you enjoy conference this weekend!!!! Also that is awesome about Carly and Rex's farewell!! It’s a little weird to think, but its way cool!!!!!!!!!! And congratulations to Lauryn on her mission call!!!!!
I love you all and I can’t wait to hear from you next week!!!!!! 
Con Mucho Amor

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