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Email from 12-9-2013

So this week has been a little crazy preparing everything for the baptism of jenny and Erick, but we were able to pull everything off great!!!! So we had there baptism Saturday night at 6:30, and it was awesome, there was a ton of member support there the young women’s and the primary to welcome them in as members of the church, and then we had a ton of help from the members to get the refrigerio (refreshments) ready and all that, but it honestly has been such a spiritual uplifting experience to be able to work with this family, the mom and the oldest are basically active now, and the 2 youngest got baptized, now we just need to do a little more work with the dad, he has all of the intentions to come back, but he has problems with his work schedule being able to attend church!! But we are not going to give up, Because the family has now expressed their desires to be sealed in the temple as a family, and I want to help them all I can to reach their goal, I know maybe I won’t be here for when they actually go to the temple, but I am going to do everything possible to prepare them for that moment, and the nice thing is they have already expressed this desire to the bishop, and he is very willing to help them. 
So that’s awesome that it’s snowing in Utah!! I honestly know it sounds weird, but I miss the snow, basically in Peru it is just rain, we are starting to get into the worst part of the rain season here which is December, January and February. And let’s just say it’s horrible!!! you never can tell when it is going to rain, it just begins, and not lightly, but all at once, yesterday it rained all day and all night long, and we had to go to the Christmas Devotional and we were freezing cold and I had 3 layers of clothing on!!! 
But we missed the first part of the devotional, because the stake people didn’t know how to fix a problem with the projector, so we saw it from the middle of Sister Wixom’s talk. But it was good, I really like the music part the best, but Peruvians don’t know how to be quite, and since the music is in English they don’t think they need to listen and they all start talking!!!! ahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But it was really good, I hope you all got the chance to watch it, I would really like to see it again but in English to really understand it good, because I understand it all in Spanish but it isn’t the same, because it is a voice over of the people and you don’t get there real message. 
Oh, so dad you had asked about where is our chapel, yes in Juliaca there are 3 chapels, mine where we attend is in the corner of the streets Jr. Raul Porras, and Jr. Nicolas de Pierola. So maybe you can find it.  That’s so weird that Janzen Egan is engaged!!!!! Ahhhhh!!! I still think that we are all little kids! 
I would like to thank you all for you spiritual messages in your emails today, they were really uplifting I love it!! The Christmas season is so special, here they usually just use it as an excuse to have parties and get drunk it is actually kind of sad. But that’s why there are missionaries to help them out. 
So about talking for Christmas, they said that we can either talk with our families on the 24th or the 25th, so let me know next week which would be better!! And we can either call or use the Skype program. So I will let you know more about what time I will be calling in a week or two. 
Well not much else happened this week, we are still working with some people but there isn’t anything to report on them this week, but we did have a chance to talk with Brenda and she came to church yesterday, so we are going to take our time and keep working with her. But that’s about it. 
I love you all so much, and I am grateful to have you as a part of my life!!! 
This season of Christmas don’t think about the presents and food and all that, but more on how we can share the gospel and birth of Christ with someone, and how we can serve those who are in need!!!
Con Mucho Amor
Ps. A drunk spit on me this week!! Haha 

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