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Merry Christmas to you, you live in a shoe, you look like a monkey and you smell like one too!!!

Email from 12-2-2013

Hey Everybody!!!
How are things going???? Well so far I have only read emails from mom and dad, but it sounds like everything is going great!!!! So first off I am going to answer some questions that I realized I didn’t answer last week, 
So about Elder Bentson being in the office, I think it is great!!! It seems like apart from the assistants that president is putting mostly new missionaries in the office instead of older ones. But I think he will do well!!! also this will be Elder Brey´s last change in the office, I had the chance to talk to him a little but not much because they are always so occupied in the office during times of the changes!!! But I think he is happy that he will be leaving soon!!! Happy birthdays to Ali, and Traci, and coming up soon Janae!!!!!! You gotta love getting older (hint hint Traci....) haha jk. Gotta throw in some sort of joke at her because I am not there to do it in person. Also dad, the hamburgers in McDonalds here are not quite as good, but then again, when are the McDonalds hamburgers ever good??? Ha-ha, when we go to Cusco to pick up people we stay overnight or 2 nights, and we sleep on the floor in the room of other elders, I hope that helps answer your questions dad. 
so this week everything has gone well, we had a couple of days where we would have like 4-5 appointments and we would call them to verify that there were going to be in their house, and they would all cancel on us, and those days when we don’t have absolutely anything to do seem do drag on forever!!!!! about Brenda, we have not talked with her in about 2 weeks due to travels that she has been doing, but this week we have an appointment and she told us that she really needs to talk to us, so hopefully it’s about something good, with Elder Bentson, we decided that we are marriage counselors, schooling counselors, work counselors, drunk counselors, depression counselors, and many times in my mission, I have had to take part in suicide counseling along with professional help with some people. I just really hope that Brenda needs like baptism counsel or something like that!!!! Because I’m an expert in that!!! Haha. But apart from not really being able to talk to Brenda, this week we were teaching a less active family that is THE BEST!!!!! Elena (mom), Wilbur (dad), Nayda (daughter), and they are all members but the mom and dad have some other kids, and 2 of them (Erik, Jenni) are at the age to be baptized, and finally we put there date for this Saturday!!! so that should follow through and it will be really good, the dad Wilbur the other day asked an awesome question, we had the bishop there and he looked at the bishop and asked ¨what do we need to do to be sealed in the temple??¨ IT WAS AWEOSME!!!!  And the bishop became all excited and I think told them all the info he knows about that topic!!! Ha-ha but we are seeing a lot of progress with that, and I know it’s going to keep getting better!!!! 
So this week, well yesterday we had the chance to have a stake activity!! And it was awesome! Every ward formed a choir, and all the primaries, and the missionaries and we had a choir festival of Christmas songs to kick off the month of December!!! We had a ton of people in attendance, but it took away from the work yesterday, because all afternoon we were bouncing all over the place rehearsing for the different choirs!!! But it was cool!!! the only problem is PERUVIANS DONT KNOW HOW TO SING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They don’t know the notes, they all sing either flat or sharp, etc.!!! Basically just describe it as they are all tone deaf!!! But honestly it’s hard to be made about that, because I love Peruvians to death!!!! They are my all-time favorite people, culture everything!!!!! 
Also something cool happened yesterday! One of the sisters that Elder Bentson and I activated, yesterday got up and bore her testimony at church, and it was so powerful!!!! I was literally on the verge of tears, because she talked about all the reasons why see wanted to return, and all the blessings that she has received since returning, and how she now is helping her son to prepare for baptism when he turns 8 in march, and she said that she is so grateful to god for sending the missionaries to find her, and she went on and on and on!! But it was so powerful, and now she is turning into one of the strongest helps and members in the ward!!! I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
So not many other things happened this week, but I do want to let you know I got the Christmas package, and it just sits in my room staring at me every day!!!! Also mom have you ever found out anything about my duty to god award because I would really like to receive my medallion when I get home and all that because I did all the work!! So if you could please found out about that!!
Well I hope that you all have a fabulous week!!!!! Remember God in all that you do!!!!!
Con Mucho Amor

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