Friday, November 30, 2012

Week #4

Hola! Como Estan?
I feel like there are so many things that I need to write, to start off please tell Ali happy birthday, I would write her, but only if she writes me :D so tell her to write, I still haven't heard from her! Thank you so much for getting a package ready for Elder Wilson! A couple of my friends have written him, and he has been so happy this week, and that is all he talks about is how cool they are, and he is so happy to have somebody to write back to today. He has the biggest heart, and I just felt like he deserved to get some letters. Well the MTC is going good, we are way busy all of the time, and it is kind of hectic around here. They kicked us out of our classrooms yesterday into some old ghetto ones that they just renovated, because they are turning our good classrooms into dorms for sister missionaries. The influx of missionaries is going to start this December and it is going to be crazy around here, but I am excited for the new missionaries, because the work is hastening! I feel like I am picking up on the language pretty well. There is just so much to remember, but I know that it will come in time as long as I keep working for it, and relying on the Lord. But I am able to help with teaching about 40% of the lessons now, instead of 10% like it used to be, so that's good. To answer some of your questions. Yes we do have the oportunidad to attend the temple each Pday, so we will be going this afternoon. I am so excited! During gym time, they have a track, exercise equipment, volleyball, basketball, and 4 square. I usually play 4 square, that is like the most popular game to play, and it is so nice to unwind and play that 5 days a week. So my companion Elder Gallegos got his visa yesterday, and he flies out on Monday for the Lima MTC, so I am going to be put into another trio, and then there will only be 5 elders in our district. My comp. turned his visa stuff in on the 20th of August, so about the same time as mine, which means I could easily get my visa soon and be out of here. The elders in my district would like the Christ picture with the quote, and the talk by Holland. So I need 5 more copies of that please :D
I can't wait to find out where Justin is going, how awesome would that be if he got called to Cuzco Peru!!!! So I heard that all of my friends came and watched a movie at our house on Sunday, that sounds fun! I am glad that they are keeping you guys company.
We got to do TRC yesterday, and basically volunteers come in, and we teach them, but not as investigators they act as themselves (members) and we just teach them to help them in there life. It is so much more relaxed than teaching an investigator. I can't believe that tomorrow is December 1st! that is so insane, and come next Friday, I will have been here for a month.
So I have this goal that by the time I get out into the mission field I will have read the entire B.O.M. from cover to cover. I am not doing so well right now, but I am determined.
So how come you guys don't use dear elder at all. You know that when you use it, the thing gets here the same day which means you can send me 10 x's more letters!
Keep praying for my visa that it will come soon.
I love this gospel and I am so grateful to be a missionary ! I thought I knew how much I loved the scriptures and all of that before, but actually being here puts a whole new perspective on things. I know that the Lords work is hastening, and that we are going to bring so many more people unto Christ with the new missionaries. The Book of Mormon combined with the spirit is the best teaching tool. I have found a new love for the Book of Mormon and each time I get to read for myself (which is not often because we are always thinking about our investigators) I learn so many new things that I have never thought of before.
This gospel is amazing and it truly blesses lives.
Again I am sorry for my sporadic thoughts, but I want you to know how much I love all of you, and what great examples you have been in my life.

Love Elder Goaslind


District with Branch President and His wife


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