Saturday, December 8, 2012


 Quick update 
Alex received word that his Visa came through and will be flying out to the Lima Peru MTC Monday, December 10th at 6:00 a.m., when we talked to him late Friday night he was thrilled and said to tell everyone hello!


Hey Y'all!!
I love Friday's, they are so much fun because I finally get to write back after receiving things from people all week! :D But honestly it feels like Pday was like a day ago, the time here flies by so fast, it is insane!! I can't believe that it has already been a month exactly from today since I got to the MTC!! It feels like I have only been here for like a week! This week has been so good, it seems like the language is starting to come along really well! Just for fun my district and I will have full conversations in Spanish while with other people just so they don't know what we are talking about, and it is way fun to be able to do that! (we have to find some way to entertain ourselves here, because there is not much else to do :D) Yesterday I had a break through with how much we need to focus on our investigators! I always knew that I needed to understand their needs and not be selfish, but yesterday we were doing a practice teaching and talking about the needs of investigators, and the spirit taught me so much in how we need to go about doing that. It is not something that you can describe, or explain how to do, it really is something that missionaries need to find out for themselves. But it is so important that they do find that out because if they don't they are going to have a hard time teaching!
That is so exciting that Mallory is so close to coming to the MTC!!! I know that she is going to love it here! And if I am still here on the 19th I will definitely look for her!
But ya not much happened this week other than Elder Gallegos left Monday for the Peru MTC. That was sad because we grew so close together, but I know that the Lord has a plan for each of us and that is where he needed to be.
Okay, well now to answer all of the questions that build up over the coarse of the week :D (and I just want you to know that I have to write down all the questions to remember them, and they take up half a sheet of paper)
I am so sad that I am missing JaNae's birthday! Tell her how much I love her and miss her! How is she doing? Is her health okay? Let her know that I am always thinking about her :D
And I am really sorry to hear about Grandpa Van, I promise that I will keep him in my prayers, and that as we all have faith and pray for him that the Lord can bless him. But I will keep him in my prayers. Tell Ali that I hope everything goes well with her wisdom teeth, it is not fun to get them out, but on the upside, you get to lay in bed all day! She is so lucky, I get like 7 hours in bed everyday and that's only when I sleep, other than that we are never in our residence hall.
That stinks that Justin's call didn't come! I am really hoping that he gets called to Cuzco! How cool would that be!!!!! Haha :P we can have wants can't we?! :D As soon as it comes through you have to let me know where he is going.
Well like I said the language is coming along very well, and I am loving learning a language. Yes it is very difficult at times, but I know that the Lord called me to speak Spanish because He knew that I would be able to teach the best in that language and to the people of Peru!
Thank you so much for sending me my Line of Authority mom, I have never really looked at one before, but it is so cool to look at and realize how I was able to receive the priesthood!
As pertaining to the visa thing. Elder Gallegos found out his came on a Thursday, and then that Monday he left. So they usually don't give you much time. BUT if mine does come I get to call home for like 5 minutes :D it would be so nice if it came! :D so I will try and pick a good time to call when I think both of you would be home, so lets cross our fingers and pray that it comes!
My district loved the nativities mom! thank you so much for sending those! you truly know how to show others you care! Mine is on my desk so that I look at it every night as I write in my journal! Oh and it is a good thing you didn't end up getting a Christmas tree because Elder Hoods mom sent us one that we have in our room now, I will send some pictures in the email so you can see it :D
Speaking of Elder Hood, him and Elder Wilson are my new compeneros! They are awesome, it has taken some getting use to being in another trio, but I think it is more difficult for them because they haven't ever been in one.
Also in our little district of 5, we had Hermana Ellsworth join us because her flight plans got delayed because of her bad knees, so her district left and now she is a solo sister and we have to escort her everywhere.
Sorry if my thoughts are jumbled today, I don't feel good, I have a sore throat and am very congested and stuffed up, but everyone here is very nice and has been helping me out, so I don't think my letters today are going to be very long because I need to sleep during personal time.
We did get to watch the Christmas devotional and it was so good!! If anybody didn't watch it then they need to!!! There were so many good messages in there that we can all adapt to our lives to help us draw closer to Christ and to help us become more like Him. If I could I would watch it over and over again!
Fast Sunday in the MTC is amazing! the spirit is so strong when missionaries are bearing their testimonies! A cool story! on Monday I got to go off campus to Elder Wilson's chiropractor appointment, and while we were waiting for the shuttle to take us back to the MTC a guy passed us on the side walk and shook our hands and said "it's always nice to shake the hand of the Lord" That was very eye opening to me, because we truly are representatives of Jesus Christ and we need to understand that and live our lives to be worthy of that title! :D
Well I love you guys so much! I hope that you all have a fantastic week, and that you remember Christ in your lives always! especially at this time as we celebrate his birth!
I love you so much! and I am so grateful for all that you have all done for me to get me to this point in my life!!!!! :D I hope to hear from you all soon!!!!!!!

Con Mucho Amor!!

Elder Goaslind!

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