Monday, April 29, 2013


So I have another good story for you this week, there is always something to talk about haha.

But first I am going to try and answer some questions. so I am not sure what’s going on with the riots, the last I heard and saw was more people tearing down there houses. But we live in a different part now about 5 minutes away walking. Where we live is in this building behind a bunch of tiendas. There is one on the corner or Ave. Jiron Caoba that sells gas we live in the building. But the situation has calmed down for the most part. This place where we are living will only be temporary because it is not the best room for all 4 missionaries so we are still trying to find a better one. But who knows what’s going to happen.

The work is going good here; we have a lot of people that we are teaching right now. We went contacting one day and found this lady who said she was baptized when she was 8 years old in Arequipa. So we found her records finally and she is a member, and she wants her whole family to be baptized. So we are teaching her 2 daughters Thaiz and Carmen, also her son David and her husband, but they aren’t married. So Thaiz has her baptism for this Saturday so that should be good. Carmen also, but she hasn’t attended church yet, so we have to wait, and we are working on getting Rocio and her husband married because the husband wants to be baptized.

Also we are teaching Flavio with his sister Delfina and her boyfriend Mario, also Vilma and then all of their kids like 3 of them. But the problem is that Delfina Mario, Vilma and her pareja (partner) all have to get married because they are living together ahhh!!! I don’t understand why people aren’t married here!!! It’s so frustrating!! Because all of them want to get baptized!!! But Falvio has his baptismal date for this Saturday, so we will see what happens.
So that’s all the news about the investigators.

Umm, mom yes I am using sunscreen every day, but spray not so much but, that’s okay. Haha

So I am happy that you got to hang out with my friends on your birthday dad!!!! I hope you had a good time!!!

Now if there are no more questions, which I am sure there are because I always forget, I am going to tell the good story for the week!!! So yesterday night, between Saturday and Sunday I went to bed, and about 12:30 in the morning I woke up and I did not feel good. So I went to the bathroom and I had super bad diarrhea, I am sure you all wanted to know that detail haha. So after about 20 minutes in the bathroom I went back to bed but about 30 minutes to an hour after that I had to go again, but this time while going to the bathroom I was throwing up at the same time. And let me just say that is not a pretty sight to see. So it ended up being that about every 30 minutes to an hour I had to go to the bathroom and it was diarrhea and throw up, so by about 7 in the morning I had done that about 12 times, not fun at all, and I couldn’t leave my bed because I felt so sick. So my comp called Hermana Calderon the wife of the Mission President. Because she is in charge of that medical stuff. So she said that my comp had to take me to the hospital right away!!!! So we get to the hospital about 8:30 and they start asking me all these questions about Dengue Fever because apparently I had the majority of the symptoms, and they admitted me to the hospital to do tests. Needless to say I was there for 9 hours yesterday on Sunday while they pumped 5 liters of water into me through an IV. But we never found out what was wrong because they forget to send the blood and what not for tests!!! So the zone leaders took me out of the hospital and I went to my room to sleep and they told me to drink this medicine stuff and it has been helping a ton. but I don’t know what was wrong because I feel a lot better today I still have a little pain in the stomach and head, but I feel a lot better, oh and the best part is the hospital doesn’t have a lot of rooms so the majority of the people are in there hospital beds in the hallway like I was, that was fun to here all the people say as they passed me, "look a gringo!!!!” Haha. Well that’s my exciting story. But don’t worry I am doing a lot better today, so mom please don’t pull a Jody and call the Mission President!!!!!

Oh and I am going to send some pictures of when we went with a member to the jungle last week for pday they are cool!!!


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