Monday, April 22, 2013


So thank you for all of the emails that I got today! It was fantastic to hear from all of you!! I even got an email from Señor Thomas at the junior high school!! That was awesome!!!!

So I received the package today I was actually really surprised that I got it this fast!!! So I am still living in the jungle, but I have some fun stories from this past week!!! I don’t even know where to begin!!!

So mom you said you looked at the weather here and it was about 70 or 80, ya more like 100 with humidity! But I am getting accustomed to it, it doesn’t affect me as much anymore, my companion I am pretty sure is going to die!!! And we are going to be here for at least 6 weeks more, we have transfers tomorrow, but only 2 people in the whole zone of Puerto have transfers.

So I am glad to hear that grandma is doing much better, I hope that she continues to recover!! Also I can’t believe that Brittney is getting married!! I got the wedding invite today also; it’s crazy I didn’t even know she was dating someone! I am so far out of the looop!! so basically I want to cry when I saw the pictures of the high school getting torn down, so many memories, it’s going to be really weird to come back home and not to have it there!!!

So dad to answer your questions, basically it is just huts here, the majority of the house are a few wooden beams with tarps nailed in for walls. But it’s because it’s hot here you need good ventilation.

And also, there really aren’t cars, there are motorcycles, and these things called motorcars, that are motorcycles with a little cab for 3 people that really all there is. Oh and mom, I am doing good with my bug phobia, it’s all good, I can’t even tell you how much bugs I have crawling on my shirt and pants daily!!! Aaah

No for the exciting story!!!! So where the chapel is there is this land with people living in little tarp houses and it goes for miles and miles!!! That is across the street from the chapel, so this land is actually owned by the military, and what these people living there are doing is called an invasion to try and take the land.

But last week people started rebelling, and things got ugly!!!

One morning we were eating breakfast and the people there started fighting, and throwing rocks and a few had guns!! And it ended up being that a few of the rocks ended up coming towards our house, and going through our windows!!!! so we called the zone leaders, and they told all 4 of the missionaries to go in the room where there aren’t windows and to stay there and wait for more instructions, so we went in the room, and the entire morning we were sitting on the floor playing cards, phase 10 to be exact haha. Then the zone leaders called and said that we had to go to other sectores, with other missionaries to work for the day, so for Thursday, and Friday we were in other sectors while the zone leaders were in our sector looking for a new place to live. So they finally found a place, and Saturday we had to move everything!!!! So now the 4 missionaries are all in 1 room and it is very small and our bathroom doesn’t have a door, and is missing part of the wall!! One of the pictures you will get is of the other missionary going to the bathroom, or at least the view we have from across the room, it’s quite hilaioes!!! So that was fun! And now the military is burning down all of those tarp houses!!! So there really never is a dull moment in the missiona!!!!

Well I need to go I am out of time!! But know that I love you all and I am so happy that you are all doing good! I love being a missionary, and I know this church is true!!! Have a great week and I hope to hear from you soon!!!!


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