Tuesday, May 14, 2013

(Email 5/6/2013)
Greetings from the far away land of Peru, where the weather is hot, and the bugs are very large!!! Haha, sorry I had to do it. 
So how is everything going this week! I hope that everything is good!!! To start off with, I am all better!!!! So what we are thinking is the reason I am sick is something I ate on Saturday night, we have dinner and we have mayo with the food. And I always ate mayo in Cusco, but I guess it’s different here for the weather, so I had mayo, and after everyone told I shouldn’t eat that because it will make me sick. So needless to say, I am never going to eat mayo again in the mission. But ya don’t worry anymore I am all better!!!!
Now to answer some questions: no we have not found another place to live; we will be in this room for at least another month. And all the military action has calmed down because we found out the military didn’t actually own that land. They forgot to legalize some of the paperwork, so now people are building there tarp houses there again. Living in a room with 4 elders is very interesting. It’s hard to study because you have all of us talking and you end up listening to the other elders and not your own companion. But ya I will learn how to deal with it. I hope that everything is going good with Karson, and that they can figure out all the problems soon. I continue to pray for him and Ashley and Kolby. But I know everything will be good. Oh some other news, the last transfer Jake Bentzen finally got to the field, and guess what, he is in my zone here in Puerto, so that’s nice, he came to me the other day to ask how I handled everything with homesickness and the language when I first got here, so it was nice to be able to give him a little bit of advice.
Ummm... oh the dirección (address) of the mission office has changed!!! This is the new one..
Elder Alex Charles Goaslind
Peru Cusco Mission 
Av. Cultura 2417
Frente A La Urb. Santa Ursula
Capilla Mormona
Yes that is the actual dirección (address) with the words Cappila Mormona....
Now about mother’s day!!! so I am going to try and use Skype, but I don’t know which person I would call, so you guys need to use one of your accounts and add me as a friends so I know who I can call with that. If that doesn’t work it will be for phone. So I am not sure what time it will be because we have 3 missionaries that will have to use the same computer for Skype that day. So it will be in the hours of 1-6 in the afternoon sometime. I am not sure; they didn’t give us much info. But ya you will just have to wait logged into Skype that whole time until I can finally log in and call. But you can play a game or watch a movie while you wait. Just make sure you refresh your computer page often so it doesn’t log out and you don’t know. But ya that is what will happen for next Sunday on the 12th. 
So dad, thank you for the scripture you shared in your email, it was very good and I learned a lot from it. Now to answer your question about investigadores. 
So Thaiz was baptized on Saturday, and it was amazing!! She is so strong already in the church, she attends everything! And she is always the one to tell her family that they need to go to be on time, and it was such an amazing baptism!!! So after they invited us over for dinner, and I have never seen so much freaking food in my entire life!!!  But it was so good, I scarfed it down!!!! And they kept offering more and more!!!!! but then we listened to all sorts of stories from her dad because he works in the jungle cutting down trees for wood and he was telling us about all the animals he has seen while working there, he has come face to face with tigers like 3 or 4 times, and all sorts of other things!!! But it was such a special day, and now for the 18th of this month Thaiz´ brother and sister are going to get baptized, David and Carmen. So we are very exciting for that. Also we found this man who is a member and we are activating him and his sons have baptisms for the 18th also!!! So we are hopefully going to see many baptisms this month!!!! And we should have one for this next Saturday if that follows through I will tell you more about it. It’s a little unsure right now. 
So this picture of the high school was extremely sad, I called Elder Bentzen over to my computer to show him and he was shocked at what it looked light!!! it’s going to be so weird to get back and have all of that area be something different, because the high school has been there my entire life, and now it’s not there, but that’s okay because with change comes good things!!!! 
Well I love you all so much and I love hearing from you all every single week!!! The next time we will talk will hopefully be through Skype, and I will be able to see your faces!!!!! Well I need to go to send this package now, but know how much I love you all, and I am praying for each and every one of you every day!!!! 
Well again I love you all, and I hope you have a great week!

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