Sunday, May 26, 2013


(May 13, 2013)

So honestly I think yesterday was probably the greatest day ever!!!! Okay but I can’t really say that because I think just about every day in the mission is the best day ever! But I really loved talking to everybody it was so nice to be able to see your faces instead of just a blank phone call!!! And it was nice to see Karson!! He is so adorable!!! 

So my companion has not stopped talking about Ali and Andie since I ended the call yesterday, he has been talking about them nonstop!!!!!!!! He told me that Ali looks like Shakira, and Andie looks like Selena Gomez!!! So Ali and Andie watch out!!!! But don’t worry I am not going to give him your address. 

So I feel bad that in reality I didn’t get to talk to just mom and dad much, but it really was nice to talk to the other people!!!! But I do feel like we talked more than the others. So that’s good!!! I was actually hoping the whole family would be there! And my wish came true!!

So I thought everybody would be way different, but you are all pretty much the same, but mom seriously you have lost a lot of weight!!! You look so good!! And no I am not just saying that, it’s because I mean it!

So you asked about how the money works in the field. Like BJ and Mallory. We have a card that we take the money off of at the beginning of every month, and we have to use that to pay the room, the food (for the lady who cooks) we pay the lady who does our laundry, we have money for transportation, and personal. And for fast offering. But it really doesn’t reach far enough! That’s why I always have to use a little bit of my own money. But that’s okay.

So I have to say thank you for all of your support that you give to me! I would not be able to be in the mission without you guys. And don’t worry I'm not trunky from the phone call. Talking to you guys actually gives me more energy to work. So this week will be good! 

I’m glad that you think my Spanish is good, but I think I still need to work on it. But thank you for that comment. 

So I guess now I will let you know what’s going on with the investigators. So yesterday Flavio was baptized!!! And it was so awesome, we have been working with him forever and he had some family problems and we had to keep moving the date back farther and farther!! But finally the day came, his entire family came! Even his mom came and she lives 2 hours away!! It was amazing!!! But I hope now he can keep going to church, so we are going to work with the members to support him and help him out!!

So this upcoming Saturday we have 2 baptisms Cleiver, and Washington. Their dad and mom are members but inactive. But they are so excited to be baptized so we are going to finish teaching all the lessons this week and help them to arrive at this date on Saturday. And then the other 2 that we had for Saturday didn’t attend  church so we had to take away the date until we can talk with them some more and get them to come to church!!!! But after these people we don’t really have anyone else that is progressing, we have about 3 couples that have to get married, but that’s it. So we are going to be finding new people to teach a lot this week!! And I hope we can find some people are prepared by the lord!!!! I know the lord prepares the people that we need to teach, and that when they truly are prepared from the lord that is when they keep their commitments and they can arrive at the date to be baptized!!! 

So I am getting better and better at teaching the people. It’s a little hard with my companion because he likes to talk the entire time so I have to cut him off a lot if I want to say something, but we are trying to get better at teaching together!!! So I can’t believe that this week we are starting the 4th week of the transfer!!! This transfer has just flown by and nobody knows who is going to have a change!!! I really hope I don’t because I love Puerto! But if I do I know it’s because the lord needs me in a different place!! 

So I don’t really have anything else to say. I just want you all to know that this church is true, and that I know Christ lives. And as we apply his atoning sacrifice in our lives every day we are going to receive many blessings that we never even though we possible!!! I am so grateful for this time that I have to be a missionary, and to serve the lord for 2 years, and I know as I remain obedient to the rules and the commandments that the lord will be able to help Me.!!! I love you all so much and thank you for your examples in my life!! 

Have a great week!!


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