Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Email 10-21-2013
Okay, so as you can tell by the subject title for this email, I may be 20 years old now, but that doesn't change a thing because I will forever be a kid!!!!!! First to start off I want to thank everybody for the awesome birthday wishes you sent me, I feel so blessed to have such wonderful family and friends surrounding me.!!!! I CANT BELIEVE I AM 20 YEARS OLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!! IM NOT A TEENAGER!!!!!!!! JAJAJAJAAJAJ!!!!!!!! well as you can tell I am very excited that nobody can call me a teenager now, because I am in my 20´s and yes mom and dad that does mean you guys are old, but I still love you and forever will!!!!!!! Sadly  to say, mom I still haven't got your package, who knows when it will come, I blame the fact that Peru is not a developed country yet, how rude of them!!!! jaja. that's alright, when it comes it comes. I don't really care. So it sounds like you all have had great weeks thats awesome!!!!!! mom those pictures of Annika and Emma in the Disney store are so cute!!! I miss them so much, and I cant belive that Annie is going to turn 5 this week!!! How crazy is that!!!!! When I get home she will be 6!!! Speaking of home, I will be finishing my mission  A YEAR FROM TODAY!!!!!!! just thought I would let you know!!! I am going on the down hill slope!!!! 
So this week has been better than others, our work is starting to pick up a little bit more. We are progressing in finding more investigators. That girl Brenda who I told you about last week who didnt believe in god but received a testimony of him, she is progressing very well, she has a baptismal date for the 9th of November, and she told us when we asked if she had prayed about what we taught she told us that she did but it wasn't neccesssary because she already believes everything that we teach her and she knows it's all true!!!!! How awesome is that!!!!!!! So we taught a couple other people this week, but nothing to exciting yet with them, Brenda is the only one who is progressing so far. 
So everything went good for the week until Saturday when I woke up with a raging migrane to the point where I was stuck in bed all day because when I got up I wanted to rip my head of the pain was so strong. So we stayed in the room all day Saturday. And then Sunday we went to church like normal in the morning, and in the afternoon guess what!!! my comp planned with some members and threw me a small suprise party! so they sang to me, and then like every Peruvian birthday they smashed my face in the cake which was interesting, they got me good!!! it was everywhere!!!! after the cake we ate, and had some fruit salad! and then they blindfolded me and made me break open a SPIDERMAN PIÑATA!!!!!! jaja. It was awesome!!!!! So I cant complain the members here know how to celebrate. The only bad thing is, a member was looking at my camera and accidently erased ALL of my pictures, more than 700 pictures.
So mom, please save all the pictures I have sent home because I don't have anything, the pictures I sent home today I stole from my comps camera!!! but I guess thats life. I can't really be mad these types of things happen. Oh well!!! So that's what happened this past week, tonight we have a noche day hogar, and my comp said they are going to do something for my birthday so we will see. Also a member said that for my birthday, tomorrow night they are going to take us out to dinner. yummy!!!!! The members here always feed us!!! So I can't complain!!!!
So today I think we are going to go to this tourist sight I can't remember what its called. But it should be fun, so I will have to let you know more about it next week!!!!
Well honestly there isn't much to say today. I am just so grateful for the family and friends I have that make my life so aweomse!!!!!

Have a great week and talk to you all next Monday!!

Con mucho amor
Elder Goaslind

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