Wednesday, October 30, 2013


Email from 10-14-2013

Hey everybody!!! How are things going?
So this week went pretty good. Things are starting to pick back up a little bit after having about 3 weeks of hard work before us without investigators. 
So first off to answer some questions, dad, there really aren’t any trees in Juliaca, and the ones that are here are just pine trees that look like they are dying. We are so high up in the mountains that hardly any plant life grows. Just a lot of dust. Or in this season now, a whole lot of mud. So no I do not get to see the changing colors of leaves which makes me sad. But it’s alright. 
And thank you dad for the story about Captain Moroni, I actually read that story recently in my studies, and you´re right it is a very good story. I love it. I just finished reading the Book of Alma this morning. And I was very sad. Because there are so many things that we can learn from all of the stories and battles that it talks about. But I am anxious to continue reading ahead in the Book of Mormon. I love this book; it is my favorite in the entire world!!!!!! 
So I was thinking about some extremely random things this week. First off having to play the piano in Sacrament Meeting I have decided is like a game to me now. I always just wait and see how many mistakes I will make in every song. And the best part is whenever I make a mistake I always see the bishop just grinning at me, and I always end up laughing in the middle of the song while I keep playing. 
My other random thought is the difference between a 3rd world country and a 1st world country. So this morning we had to go up to our roof like normal to see how much water we had in the tank to know if we needed to store more water for the day or not. Because the water only comes at certain parts of the day so you have to fill up a tank on the roof that’s attached to all your water sources shower, sink, toilet, etc. My comp made the comment that if we were in the USA we wouldn’t have to worry about this, and we would be calling the water company for a situation like this even if the water was only shut off for 30 minutes. Those are first world problems. You guys have it sooooooo easy!!!!! Haha. 
So this week we had a cool experience teaching. We had a member named Mary Luz. Who told us she wanted to present us to her cousin who is passing through some difficult times. So we went to visit her, and we taught her the Plan of Salvation. And we didn’t even think at the beginning of the lesson to ask if she believes in god because everyone here does. So we taught the whole lesson, and you could feel the sprite so strong. Probably the strongest I have felt it in my mission. And she asked us at the end if she could make a comment. And we told her yes. And she stared at us for a minute and said ¨when you guys first got here I didn’t even know god existed, I didn’t know we had a Heavenly Father¨ then this is where it gets epic!!! She stares at us and got a little bit emotional, and said ¨after listening to you guys, I know that we have a Heavenly Father, and right now I can feel his love for me!¨ I was shocked!!!! And I didn’t know what to say to her, I sat there smiling for a minute. And then we expressed our testimonies and it was such a spiritual experience!!! I love the mission!!!! It is the greatest ever!!!!!! The experiences that I have had here are once in a life time and there is nowhere else that you could experience these things!!!! I love me Padre Celestial. And I love my Savior. I know that with them we can progress in the life. And everything will turn out all right. 
I love all of you guys so much, and I want the best for each and every one of you!!!!
Have a great week!!!
Con mucho amor

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