Sunday, November 3, 2013

Riots, all over and the Juliacan people want to kill the mayor!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Email from 10-28-2013
Hey everybody, so I am sure that mom is already freaking out just from reading the subject title of this email, but don't worry I will explain it in a little bit. Because it's quite a good story!!! jaja 
So before I start, I want you to know that I did get my birthday package finally, I got it today, this morning in our zone meeting, and I was so excited to open it!!!! I felt like a little kid on Christmas!!! jaja, but thank you to everybody who sent me stuff, letters, gifts, lo que sea. You guys are all the best, and even though it got here a week after my birthday it's alright, I bought a gift for myself, and I also had 2 different parties thrown by members, and a member gave me some gloves and a scarf, hand knitted!!!!! They are pretty awesome!! Peruvians are like the most loving people ever!!!! So all in all my birthday went really well and I really enjoyed it, and from the emails it sounds like Annika's birthday went well also, I can't believe that she is 5 years old already!! thats incredible!!!! The scary thing that my comp has been saying all week is that I am now going to be home in less than a year, and I will be home for Annika's next birthday when she turns 6!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
So this week there was not a whole lot of work that happened, and the reason why is because of what the subject title says. ....... haha so I am sorry if this email is short because there will not be a whole lot to say, and I am not going to update on investigators today because even I don't know what's going on with them. 
So this week on Monday for my birtthday, my comp, Elder Yellico, Elder Reyes, and I we all went to SILLUSTANI. It's these ancient ruins in between Juliaca and Puno that are off in the middle of nowhere surrounded by some random lake, (dad the lake in the picture is NOT Lake Titicaca just so you know) so we went there, and I am sending you quite a few pictures of it because its way cool!!! I don't even know what types of ruins they are but, they are these cylinder things and you can enter all of them through these tiny little entry ways but they are awesome!!!! So we went there to spend the entire afternoon and I bought myself a gift for my birthday with the money grandma sent me so tell her thank you,
So when we got back from Sillustani we went to a family home evening with some members, and we had our lesson and all of the sudden they walked out with a big chocolate cake and sang happy bithday to me, and just so you know they sing it in English here in Peru. They sing the entire song in English, and then do a version in Spanish and they always turn all the lights off while doing it. It's way cool! So they sang and then like always they smashed my face into the cake. We were all taking pictures and there is another tradition here in Peru that I had forgotten about, where they ¨make a cake on your head¨  so I was standing in the kitchen and out of no where I was attacked by several members with them smashing eggs on my head, throwing flour on me, and confetti, all with the chocolate still on my face. So I sent some pictures of that, needless to say, it was a mess, but it was very fun. So I had a great birthday!!!!
Then the next day is where the fun story begins, so we had heard rumors that there was going to be a small strike this week, so we didn't think much of it. But as we left Tuesday morning to go by stuff for breakfast we found out that the strike was quite large, by large I mean ALL OF JULIACA LARGE, THE ENTIRE CITY WAS SHUT DOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  They shut everything down, none of the stores were open, and there were thousands of people in the streets for this strike, but a strike here isn't like the USA with your picket sign out front of target saying ¨shame on target¨ or anything like that. But here they burn things, they rob, they break glass bottles all over the street, and a ton of other stuff, also if stores opened to sell because someone needed food the people in the strike would invade the store, destroy it, and steal everything. So it got quite out of hand, and all of this because they don't like their mayor, all over the city is written the words ¨muerte al alcalde¨ or in other words, ¨death to the mayor¨ and they all say they want his head. It's quite interesting. jaja. Also during strikes if there are cars buses, motorcyles or any type of transport they stone the car and the person. 
So our leaders called us and none of the missionaries in Juliaca could leave their rooms for 4 DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We were locked away for almost the entire week, and guess what they never came up with a solution to the problem for the reason why they were striking, so they say its going to begin tomorrow again and we won't be able to leave our house for anything, so everybody is buying a ton a food storage today, and that's because they say this time the strike won't end unless the Alcalde resigns, so it will be another interesting week!!!
But don't freak out mom!!!!!!!!! I am alright!!!!! 
Well that's all that happened this week I love you all and hope you have a great week!!!

Con Mucho Amor
Elder Goaslind

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