Thursday, November 14, 2013


Email from 11-4-2013

Hey Folks!!!!
How is everything going!!!! So just so you all know, there were no more riots this week, we worked like normal, but that just because the riot people are giving the mayor 10 days to decide so next week maybe we will see things start back up again but who knows. Haha.
So first off I want to congratulate Steven and Kristen for their new baby boy!!!! He is so cute!!! I can’t believe that I won’t get to see him for a year!!! That’s Joshua and Karson that I still haven’t seen in person, but that’s alright!!! Haha. But that’s awesome! You guys make such a cute family!! 
So how was everyone’s Halloween this week??? I hope it went good for everybody!!! Here it was not quite as good as in the USA but it was alright, a member gave us Jack O’ Lantern things with candy in them and invited us to lunch, so we were pretty happy! Haha, whenever there is food involved my comp and I are happy!!!!
FYI mom to answer your question, you did a great job on the birthday ties thank you very much! And yes I did get my drivers license it was weird to see a Utah driver’s license again after not seeing mine for so long. 
So not much happened in this week, very few things, we taught a couple of people, but some sad news, Brenda won’t be getting baptized this week because she wasn’t able to attend church yesterday, so we postponed her baptism and it looks like it will be for the next week, but she is still progressing, it’s just because she went on vacation that she couldn’t attend but everything is going well with her!!!
But this week we are going to have a baptism it looks like, for Alan. He is the son of a less active member that we are trying to activate, Alan is 11 years old, and his baptism is planned for this Saturday, so let’s hope everything goes well and we can get everything planned and set up to go!!! and let’s hope that we can get some help from the members, ever since we started teaching Alan he has been faithful to all commitments we have left and always shows up at church by his own will 30 minutes early!! It’s awesome!! We are hoping that by his example that we can activate his whole family, because his mom grandma grandpa, aunts uncles, all are members but nobody goes except his grandpa, and that’s only every once in a while.
This week there was a holiday called Dia De Los Muertos, or Day of the Dead where everyone worships there dead, its actually kind of creepy, but we were teaching a reference (Senovia is her name) on that day and she told us about her laugh and then due to the holiday wanted to know what happens to us after this life, so we explained plan de salvacion, and she LOVED our message!!!! We invited her to church and she came and was participating in all the classes, and kept asking us questions and what not and is very interesting in the church now, so we have an appointment with her tomorrow, and she actually asked us if we could teach her about tithing tomorrow in her second lesson because she is curious about why we do that, so we are going to see what happens tomorrow!!! But she is a very nice lady, and has some real potential to progress!!!!
So that’s really all that happened this week, other than an investigator somehow found out where we live and came to our house to find us one day because he says he messed up and wanted us to explain to him again how he can repent, this investigator we thought was an ¨eternal investigator¨ but now we are actually seeing some progression. 
Not much more to tell you guys, but I love you so much!!! Those of you who leave in the mission this week and the next week don’t be scared, trust in the lord and love the work!!!! It’s an awesome work that we are a part of!! And as we bless the lives of others god blesses our lives!!
I love you all with all my heart!!! And I hope the best for you!!! Can’t wait to hear from you all next week!!! 
Con Mucho Amor

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