Sunday, November 24, 2013


Email from 11-11-2013

Hey everybody,
So everyone was asking about the riots, there haven’t been any more as of now, haha, thank goodness. And let’s keep praying that it stays that way!!!!
Oh, and what is this about the typhoon in the Philippines!!! That is crazy!!! I am pretty sure there are quite a few kids from my graduating class that are in the Philippines!!! Let’s all keep praying for them!! The nice thing is to know that those 80 missionaries are on the lords service, and the lord will protect I am sure of it!!! 
So, big news this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I HAVE A YEAR IN THE MISSION!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How crazy is that!!!! I couldn’t believe it, it all seemed a little unreal, but now thinking about it I just know that the time is going to go flying by!!! my comp brought to my attention that I only 8 changes left in the mission, and I did not like that comment at all because the changes are the things that seem to go by the fastest for me and I don’t want it to go by fast!!! But oh well I will just have to keep moving forward and working as hard as I can to make every moment worth it!!!! 
So mom and dad you were wondering about changes, well they are the 19th, so we will know Sunday the 17th who has changes, but we are almost positive that me or my comp are having a change because we have been together now for 3 changes and that is quite a long time. But we have no idea who is going to leave so we are all kind of worried because neither of us wants to leave this ward because we have been having so much success and the ward is starting to progress so much!!!!  But whatever the lord needs we will make it happen!! WE ARE MIRACLE WORKERS!!!!! HAHA.  
So good news!!! ALAN WAS BAPTIZED!!!!! It was an awesome baptism!!!! I had the chance to baptize him and confirm him, which was cool. So the good news apart from the fact that he got baptized, is that a ton of people from his family were there supporting him and we now have appointments to go teach them and reactivate them!!!! Also the primary president basically threw a party for him so that was pretty awesome!!! I love baptisms and seeing how happy the people are doing convenios con dios (covenants with God). 
So this week Brenda supposedly has her baptism date, but it is not for sure yet, we are going to meet with her tomorrow and talk about it. So I will let you know next week what happens. 
But there was a cool experience this week!!!! So after the baptism, we had an appointment with our eternal investigator Alex, who we have been teaching since we got here in Juliaca. and we sat down in the appt. and after the prayer he looked at us and said ¨elders I want to get baptized, it’s my time¨ me and Elder Bentson both just looked at each other like What????? Did he really say that????? And we found out he had already chosen the day and time and who he wants to baptism him, so looks like if everything goes well on Friday at 9 in the morning Alex is going to be baptized also!!!!! And he wants to do it in a river so we are in the process of receiving the permission for that. But Elder Bentson and I wanted to give up on him many times, we just felt like we shouldn’t  and we kept going and now look what’s happening,.... THE LORD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS!!!!!! 
Our ward is progressing a ton, 4 months ago when we got here we had 85 people attending regularly, and now we are up to 120 each week!!!! And that’s why I don’t want a change, I want to stay here!!!!! Also we are doing this thing where at 5:30 every morning we go and play futbol, or basket or volley every day, and its super fun and its good for us because it gets us up and helps us get going for the day!!!
Now for the fun story of the week!!! So an investigator had us do a service for her, and after invited us to breakfast, or sweet bread and a fruit smoothie so we ate and drank it all, and after that’s when she told us that the smoothies contain BEER!!!!! For the first time in my life I had beer, and I felt absolutely horrible after!!! NEVER DRINK!!!! IT’S HORRBILE!!!!!! 
Well that’s all folks!!!
I love you all and can’t wait to hear from you next week!!!
Con Mucho Amor


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