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Email from 11-18-2013

Hey everybody!!!
So this week was insane, and I wasn’t sure if my comp and I would survive from how tired we were!!!!! Well I am sure you are all anxious to know about the transfers, so here it goes, Friday night my comp and I got a call from President Harbertson, and he wanted to talk to each of us separately, so he talked with my comp, and it was about the transfers, turns out my companion Elder Bentson is getting a transfer, TO THE MISSION OFFICE!!!!!! How cool is that!!!! He is going to be one of the secretaries in the office. we are both passing through a very difficult time with this, because we have become such good friends over these past 4 months together, and I know both of us are not going to take it well having to receive another companion, but the good thing is Elder Bentson lives about 2 blocks away from the Oquirh Mountain Temple so extremely close to Tyler and Mercedes, which means I will probably get to see him often after the mission. 
So after being able to tell that to my comp, President then asked to talked to me, we started talking about how the training went with Elder Bentson, and stuff like that, and then something happened that I would never imagine, I AM TRAINING AGAIN!!!!!!!! tomorrow (Tuesday) I will be going to Cusco to pick up the new missionary, my ¨son¨ and bring him back to Juliaca, but that means there is a very good chance that I am going to be in this sector until February, because will Pres. Harbertson he doesn’t like having 2 trainers for one elder, so he tries to keep them training the whole 12 weeks!!! But I am alright with that, because I loved training before and I am sure that it will be a great experience this time around also!!!!!! Pray for me and my new comp that everything will go well. I still don’t know his name or anything so I will have to tell you that next week!!!!!! 
And I am so glad to hear that all of the missionaries in the Philippines are accounted for, it really is amazing how the lord can protect those are in service to him!!!!! Being able to read the stories you sent me about all that, I could feel the protection of god, that I never have to worry as long as I live worthy and I am in his work. 
So this week was absolutely insane!!!!! so it started out normal, just working teaching some people, we had an appointment with Brenda, and she was not able to get baptized on Saturday, because as a singer she always gets invited to drink, and she drank last week because she was scared to tell the people no when they offered it to her, so we are going to keep working with her to help her leave all that stuff behind and keep moving forward. 
So on Friday night from 4pm-9pm we had to go help these people who were getting married on Saturday to prepare all the food for the wedding, and all that stuff, so Elder Bentson and I ended up Friday night peeling 120 kilos, (little more than 200 pounds) of potatoes, and also putting together 200 favors for the people who attend the wedding, then the next morning at 6 we had to go back to there has to help finish everything, so all the potatoes we peeled, we ended up having to cut them all to get them ready to cook. And then we had to go to the chapel where the wedding was, and we had to get everything set up there so that when the bride and groom got there everything was good to go. The wedding turned out good, they are investigators of the other elders but we have gotten to be really good friends with them also. The wedding lasted from1pm-9pm and it was hilarious because they made all the missionaries that were there be the waiters and take the food to everyone, and all that good stuff. But the bad part was that we were also in charge of the cleaning, the zone leaders gave us permission to skip the curfew rule because we had to clean the entire chapel!!! So after the wedding ended we cleaned until 11 at night, and by the time we got back to the room we were all basically zombies!!!!!! But I am happy that I could help that couple with their wedding so that they could get baptized after!!!
So now about the baptism of Alex!!! Sunday after all the meeting we got a big group of members together to go to the baptism, and the best part is we got permission to baptize him in the river, so we all made the trek down to the river, and it was probably the most spiritual baptism that I have had in the mission, I am not sure why, but you could feel the sprit sooooooo strong there, despite the fact that it was blazing hot outside in the sun, and all the bugs that there were, the sprit was present in the baptismal service, and my favorite part was when Alex shared his testimony after the baptism, he has been working for this for a while, and I agree, it was finally his time, I can see him becoming a great leader or somebody in the church, and I am so happy I will be in Juliaca a little bit longer to keep helping him out in the journey. 
Nothing much else happened this week, other than the things that I described, but I am excited to see what comes along now with a new companion, and all the great blessings that the lord as prepared for me out here in the mission field!!!!!
Also I have no clue when Thanksgiving is, because they don’t celebrate it here, but happy Thanksgiving for whenever it comes along!!!!
I love this church, I know it’s true; I love all of you guys so much, and can’t wait to hear from you next week!!!!!
Con mucho Amor
Elder Goaslind

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